8 Best Ram 2500 Leveling Kits

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Generally, the Best Ram 2500 Leveling Kits are used to put the height of the vehicle’s chassis at an even level with the surface.

Some vehicles have either factory or aftermarket suspensions that do not go up or down enough to deal with normal wear and tear, inconsistencies in terrain, etc.

The primary purpose of a leveling kit is to maintain optimal handling characteristics and ensure that the axle and suspension components like Control Arm Bushing, Strut Mount, Ball Joints, and even CV Axles don’t take a beating.

Using a leveling kit ensures these important items last if possible. If your vehicle sits at an angle, it’s usually not recommended to drive it in this condition after the installation of Leveling Kit since it can be damaging.

Some leveling kits are designed to provide a minimum or maximum lift depending on application and vehicle load.

The kit number generally consists of the front lift height in millimeters, rear lift height also in millimeters and finally the size of the wheel it’s being used on.

8 Best Ram 2500 Leveling Kit – Our Top Picks

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The kit number generally consists of the front lift height in millimetres, rear lift height also in millimeters and finally the size of the wheel it’s being used on.

A leveling kit provides your vehicle with that much-needed lift and helps you achieve that tough off-road look you are after.

Based upon our comprehensive review we have selected our top 8 products whose detailed description is as given below:

1. ReadyLift 3″ F / 1″ R Lift Kit

ReadyLift Dodge Ram 2500 4WD leveling kit

Key Features

  • Durable Material
  • polyurethane bump stops
  • Extra Protection

The ReadyLift 3″ F / 1″ R Lift Kit is a perfect, cost-effective upgrade for your truck. With this kit, you can make quick work of those tough to get at places on the vehicle like undertakes and fenders while giving it an aesthetic lift.

This Durable RAM 2500 Leveling Kit works well with your 2014-2018 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD. The front springs are made from high tensile strength steel and come preassembled, so you can get right to installing them on the truck without any hassle or mess.

This simple and sleek lift kit will improve stability, add more ground clearance, optimize airflow under the vehicle while providing a smooth exterior look that you can feel confident about.

The quality of this lift kit is second to none. It can be installed within an hour or two for those who need their car out in no time at all.

Not only does it provide extra support but also makes driving easier due to less strain on your vehicle’s suspension system when compared against stock parts which may have gaps between them from wear over years.

This Lift Kit includes custom-built OEM-style steel coils that are designed to reduce the height of your car. These spacers will give you an effortlessly high driving position without any hassle or risk.

It also includes some cool perks like improved ground clearance and a greater feeling of control when navigating through traffic lights at speed.

Make your ride more interesting with this Lift Kit. The polyurethane bump stops will give you that custom look and feel, while also providing extra protection for the front end.

They’re designed to absorb energy and reduce transmission of vibes from the tow bar up through your vehicle, safeguarding both you and those around you.

This lift kit is a great investment for any home. It includes shock extensions and hardware that will provide you with the perfect solution no matter what surface your garage floor may be made of.

However, this lift kit comes with no user manual. This can make installation difficult for even experienced drivers.


  • Optimize Airflow
  • Less Strain
  • Polyurethane Bump Stops
  • Extra Protection


  • Inexistent client assistance

2. Daystar Dodge Ram 1.5″ Leveling Kit

Daystar Dodge Ram Leveling Kit

Key Features

  • Enhance vehicle performance
  • Easy Installation
  • Allow using large tyers

Daystar’s Dodge Ram 1.5″ Leveling Kit is a great option for drivers who need different ARB wheels on their trucks but don’t want to spend the extra money.

This universal design fits all trucks and transmissions from 1994-2013 regardless of cab type or model year.

Do you want to get your tires leveled? Daystar has the perfect solution for when it comes time. This Best RAM 2500 Leveling Kits can be used on any model of 1500, 2500, or 3500 with 2WD.

It’s made in America so they’ll last much longer than imported ones would without sacrificing quality too much; don’t worry about ruining anything because there won’t be damage like other kits might cause if installed incorrectly.

The Dodge Ram Leveling Kit is a must-have for those who want to keep their vehicle in tip-top shape. When set up, this device allows you to lift one wheel off the ground and make sure it’s pointing straight ahead when driving so that all four tires are rolling as evenly as possible; no more being pulled by some wheels while others don’t budge.

This leveling kit is perfect if you want an affordable solution with high quality. It is an enhancement for your vehicle that will increase its ground clearance and make driving easier.

This product has been built by experts, so you can drive with confidence knowing it’s working as intended. This leveling kit is designed to improve performance and enhance the efficiency of your vehicle.

Increased handling capabilities in rugged terrain or rough roads due to its ability to increase traction on wet surfaces.

You’ve always wanted to take on a road trip but have been held back by the weight of your tires. But wait, with this new leveling kit, you can finally experience those long drives in comfort and style without worrying about being too big to tumble.

With a straightforward installation process, this kit will make your truck level in no time. It comes with detailed instructions and is easily maintainable.

However, this leveling kit is for truck models only. It’s not compatible with 4WD drive models.


  • Low Budget
  • Universal Design
  • Improved Performance
  • Straightforward Installation Process
  • Easily Maintainable


  • Compatibility Issues

3. Supreme Suspensions 2″ Front Leveling Kit

Supreme Suspensions

Key Features

  • Improve the look of the truck
  • Easy Installation
  • Widely Compatible

Let the leveling of your travel safely take you to new heights with Supreme Suspensions. With this 2″ Front Kit, get an instant 10 inches off-road and into the higher ground while also increasing stability for on-road driving conditions.

Featuring high strength steel coils technology that will withstand even roughest terrain without shuddering or flexing under pressure – these springs are specifically designed keeping in mind different truck model years including 1994-2001 RAM 1500 models as well as 2500/3500 series Trucks.

Achieving proper leveling for your truck has never been easier with this Special RAM 2500 Leveling Kit. This kit is perfect if you have a Ram 2500 or 3500 because it can give an extra 1/2 inch of lift on each side, increasing its height by 3 inches total.

Furthermore, this leveling kit provides greater durability than other brands’ offerings while still providing excellent performance at highway speeds.

Driving through rough terrain won’t be any problem now. Thanks to its beefy construction quality so don’t hesitate – get yours today before they’re gone.

Get a better ride with these high-quality front spring spacers. This kit is made from steel and comes with all installation hardware, instructions to help you level your vehicle’s suspension.

You’ll receive the Supreme Suspension Pro Pack too so that when it comes time for tuning or new parts later down the road there will be no guessing on what modifications should take place first.

This front leveling kit gives you a hassle-free way to adjust your vehicle’s height. Alignment is always recommended after altering the height of any car, so make sure that it’s done professionally with this kit.

The easy bolt-on installation usually takes 1 to 2 hours. For a safe installation process, it is recommended to use the coil spring compressor tool which will provide you the maximum control so that all your parts are compressed safely without any risk for damage during compression is concerned.

Optimize your truck with this front leveling kit. This package upgrades the look of your vehicle and increases ground clearance to fit larger tires without worrying about damaging anything.

If you are looking for a way to level your truck’s front end, this kit might be right up your alley. However, it doesn’t fit on Ram 1500 Mega Cab or extended-cab models though.


  • High Strength Steel Coils Technology
  • Greater Durability
  • Excellent Performance
  • Hassle-Free
  • Safe and Easy Installation


  • Some Fitting issues

4. Rough Country 2.5″ Leveling Kit

Rough Country leveling kit for ram truck

Key Features

  • DIY Installation
  • Unmatched Ground Clearance
  • Lifetime replacement warranty

Rough Country 2.5″ Leveling Kit is a perfect fit for your RAM 2500 4WD truck. It includes all the necessary components to level out any bumps and curves on roads.

Thanks in part to its strong steel construction which provides durability with ease of installation. This Perfect Leveling Kit will include everything you need for a smooth ride.

It includes shocks with adjustable height oil leaks of leveling spikes that can help keep things level in both slippery conditions as well as deep mud puddles.

In need of some more suspension? Get this amazing leveling kit for your truck. The perfect blend of performance and protection is available with this Leveling Kit.

This kit will install on any truck that has a factory-installed Warnog derail as well as two additional inches of height from its original ride height at an affordable price.

Have you been getting vibrations or feeling unsafe when off-road? This kit is for people who need a heavy-duty, and high-performance leveling kit that will give them ultimate ground clearance and maintain OEM-like ride quality.

You can say goodbye to those nasty knocks and scrapes when you install this leveling kit. This kit comes with everything needed for leveling both front and rear tires, so your ride will be as smooth on dirt roads or paved highways alike.

This Leveling Kit is a simple, yet effective solution making sure your car is level across its entire surface and can make a world of difference when driving.

This 3-piece leveling kit has everything you need to get the job done and does so with precision. It is easy to install and can be precisely installed without the help of a professional mechanic.

This leveling kit will take your car, truck, or bus from ragged and rough to smooth in no time. It is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty so you can feel confident that it is made for tough use on all types of vehicles.

However, this leveling kit may bend the coil to a dangerous level if appropriate pressure is not applied.


  • Durable and Smooth Ride
  • Affordable Price
  • Easy to Install
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty


  • Uncertain bend of coil

5. RockTrix 2″ Front Lift Kit

RockTrix front lift kit

Key Features

  • Quick Installation
  • Heat-treated Metric Grade 10.9 steel material
  • lifetime warranty

RockTrix 2″ Front Lift Kit is the perfect upgrade for your RAM 1500, 2500, or 3500. The springs are made of sturdy black carbon steel and come with a lifetime warranty.

The kit also includes four front coil spring spacer rings to help reduce body roll in tight corners without any extra weight on tires which can lead to traction issues at high speeds.

This Highly Recommended Leveling Kit comes with everything you need for installing an amazing, tuned suspension system on your 4WD truck.

You can get it installed quickly without any expensive tooling or welding equipment. Thanks to its patent-pending design which utilizes steel coils instead of hydraulics making installation easier than ever before.

It is understood that suspension is one of the most important parts of your truck. It can be difficult finding a good quality aftermarket lift kit without breaking the bank.

Get the looks you want and peace of mind with this lift kit. With this kit, not only will your truck look better but it’ll also improve its driving characteristics such as ground clearance.

The perfect upgrade for adding taller tires or larger wheels/rims on an existing vehicle – without having to purchase a new suspension system entirely.

This Lift Kit not only includes high-quality lift spacers and hardware but also weighs less than other brands. The steel used to manufacture it is heat-treated for durability and made from 10.9-grade metallurgic material that prevents surface corrosion on the nuts or studs.

The perfect solution for those who want to add a little height without sacrificing comfort and convenience. The strength of steel ensures that your tires will stay on the ground when you drive off-road or race.

Installing this self-leveling kit will make your ride more comfortable and safer. It’s easy to install, so don’t be intimidated by the process. It should take about two to four hours for installation in total with an alignment after finished as well.

However, this leveling kit doesn’t fit 2WD rear-wheel drive. It is only compatible with four-wheel drive 4WD trucks.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Less Weight
  • Prevents Surface Corrosion


  • Doesn’t fit 2WD RWD

6. Dynofit Leveling Lift Kit

dynofit 3

Key Features

  • Easy install
  • Heat Treated Carbon Steel
  • Corrosion&Rust resistance

Our Review:

Dynofit Leveling Lift Kit – a must-have item for all who have a truck, especially for those who have already purchased a Dynofit suspension. This product is not only a great leveling kit but it also has an incredible tool that can be used to adjust the height of your vehicle.

These tools make leveling much easier and more convenient. With the Dynofit leveling kit and the coil spring compressor tool, you can easily level your vehicle in less than two hours.

They also include a coil spring compressor tool that makes the installation process quick and easy. The 3-inch raise kit works perfectly with Dynofit leveling kits and is made for trucks with an automatic transmission.

The Dynofit leveling kit is designed to keep your truck steady even when driving on rough roads. It is made up of heat-treated carbon steel and provides enough strength and durability.

In addition to this, they are coated with black oxide to resist corrosion and rust. The kit is also backed by a 24-month warranty that covers any manufacturing defects, if you are not satisfied with the product.

Moreover, you can return or refund your purchase within 1 month from the date of the receipt if you’re not satisfied with the product.

Overall, we were impressed with the quality of these leveling kits and we would definitely recommend you consider purchasing them. These are a perfect fit for a pickup truck that’s going to see a lot of rough roads.


  • High strength
  • Anti-cracking
  • Durable
  • 1-month refund and 24 months replacement warranty


  • Pricey


Fits Dodge Ram 1500

Key Features

  • DIY using basic hand tools
  • High strength carbon steel
  • Prevent corrosion and oxidation

Our Review:

The STREET DIRT TRACK Lift Spacers are designed to give you a safer, smoother, and faster driving experience when you drive trucks on rough terrain.

These spacers are made from high-quality metal that will ensure you have a good grip and a firm grip during your off-road adventures. They can be installed on the front, rear, and both sides of your truck, so you can use them to keep your truck at the perfect level while driving on any surface.

Also, the lift spacer comes with everything you need to install it on your truck including a set of instructions and detailed installation videos. These spacer kits come with all the necessary hardware for a hassle-free installation.

It comes with a transferable lifetime warranty which means that if you ever need to repair or replace the lift spacers, you can rest assured that you will be given a replacement free of charge.

These spacers are made out of high-strength carbon steel that provides enough rigidity to prevent your suspension from collapsing while driving. They’re also engineered to provide improved performance for the truck.

Moreover, they can also prevent corrosion and oxidation by protecting the axle components from exposure to rain and dirt.

Overall, we think that these spacers are a great product that can save your truck from unnecessary damage on rough roads. If you are a truck driver, then these spacers might be just what you’re looking for.


  • Made out of high-quality metal
  • Prevent suspension collapse
  • Easy to install
  • Come with a transferable lifetime warranty


  • Poor design

8. KSP PERFORMANCE Leveling Lift Kits

KSP 2.5 leveling kit

Key Features

  • Solid and Anti-rust
  • Powder-coated
  • Offer “30-day refund

Our Review:

KSP Performance Leveling Lift Kits are super easy to install. They fit into place perfectly and provide tons of support for your truck to lift your truck to the correct height.

These leveling lift kits are made up of solid and anti-rust heat-treated carbon steel for improved durability and performance. They are also made of the high-strength bolt that ensures the perfect connection of the kit to your vehicle.

In addition, the leveling lift kits are powder-coated to protect the lift kit from rusting and corrosion.

This kit is specifically designed to fit your Ram 2500 chassis. It has been tested and proven by our experts to provide the ultimate performance enhancement to your truck.

Moreover, this leveling kit for your Ram 2500 is designed to provide a safe and secure installation. It’s made up of high-strength bolts that help ensure a stable and strong connection for your leveling kit.

The corrosion and oxidation resistant finish help to prevent the deterioration of your vehicle’s metal components that might cause them to rust and corrode.

Furthermore, they are covered by a 30-day full refund and a 24-month free replacement guarantee. If any parts are broken during the warranty period, you can replace them with no questions asked.

Overall, KSP PERFORMANCE Leveling Kit is a reliable leveling kit that is both durable and affordable. So if you are looking for the best leveling kit for the Ram 2500 truck, then you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this.


  • Great quality
  • Safe and secure installation
  • High-strength bolt
  • Value for money


  • None

Things to Consider While Buying Best Lift Kit For Dodge Ram 2500

best lift kit for dodge ram 2500

If you are planning to buy the best, then you must take into consideration the following features so that you may end up getting an economical and quality product:


The first and foremost thing to check before buying a leveling kit for Ram 2500 is compatibility. The level kits manufactured by different brands might not be compatible with each other or your truck, so make sure you go through the compatibility list on the product page thoroughly.

Truck’s height

You should measure your truck’s height and choose a kit that is built for your truck’s height. For example, if you want to raise the front of your Ram 2500, go for a leveling kit that provides maximum lift in the front. Or else, if you want to do both the ends of the Ram 2500 equally then choose a 4-inch lift kit.


The Ram 2500 leveling kit should be strong enough to support the extra weight of your heavy cargo. So, you must have a look at the material used in designing the leveling kit. A good quality alloy steel is more than enough to bear the load.

Easy Installation

The rear end of your truck bends down whenever it goes through rough terrain so check if the installation process of this leveling kit is easy and simple. Otherwise, it may take a lot of time and labor to install.

User Manual

The product should come with a user manual or guide so that you can do the installation process by yourself without any help from professionals. If you find any kind of difficulty during the installation process, then look for quality customer service to help you out.

Design and Material

The design and the material of the leveling kit must be such that it can bear extreme weather conditions. You can check this by looking at the product description written by the manufacturer. They will also provide you with all the information about its features, pros, and cons, etc.

LED light leveling kit

Nowadays, some companies are coming up with an LED light leveling kit for Ram 2500. The installation of LED lights requires less time and labor, so you should go for them if you are looking for an easier way to install the leveling kit.

Online Product Reviews

Lastly, check out various online shopping websites to compare different level kits available in the market. You can also read some genuine customer reviews to make a better decision.


An economical Quality Ram 2500 Leveling Kit ranges up to the Price Of $40.

Adjustable Levelling Kit

These kits are designed specifically to raise all four corners of the vehicle equally, which will ensure it sits at the same height as its factory setup. Adjustable leveling kits can be found in either coil or torsion style.

You have probably heard of at least one of these kits in the past and know they come equipped with an impressive list of features, but you may not be completely sure what is necessary when searching for a leveling kit to buy.

Suspension Type

Knowing what kind of lift kit, you currently have is a great starting point when trying to find a 2021 ram 2500 leveling kit. There are two types of suspensions: (2) Coil-style & (1) Torsion Bar style.

The coil-style suspension features a spring that is mounted on top of the vehicle. This setup provides for each corner to be raised or lowered individually, which is why it is commonly referred to as “Individual Height Adjustable”.

The torsion bar suspension does not feature adjustable individual height. Instead, there are two bars (one front & one rear) that are connected to the vehicle’s chassis.

A locking ring is set below these bars, which allows for them to be raised or lowered all at once, which is why it is commonly referred to as “Automatic Height Adjustable”.


Q. What is a leveling kit?

A leveling kit is a suspension system that raises one side of the vehicle higher than the other to compensate for the added weight.

If you are planning to add heavy accessories like winches, bumpers, and roof racks, a leveling kit will make your truck more stable by lifting it from its stock height.

Q. What are the types of RAM 2500 leveling kits?

There are different types of leveling kits available in the market: Conventional, Full, and block. All these kits increase vehicle lift and clear larger lifts and oversized tires for your truck.

The main difference between all three leveling kits is that the conventional leveling kit requires separate spacers to mount springs while full and block-level the suspension at both ends.

Q. How a Conventional Leveling Kit works?

The conventional leveling kit uses the existing spring and adds a spacer between the top of the spring and strut. This helps to lift one side of your vehicle higher than the other.

The drawback is that it can compromise on its load capacity as lifting one end reduces engine weight over the axle and the load on both tires is not equal.

Q. How a Full Leveling Kit works?

The full leveling kit does not only lift the front of your vehicle but also raises the rear by using blocks in place of stock springs or using adjustable spring perch to achieve proper alignment.

This type of product is beneficial for trucks with oversized tires and heavy loads as there is no change in the weight of the engine.


There are several great alternatives when it comes to RAM 2500 Leveling Kit, and all the above-mentioned leveling kits are the Best RAM 2500 Leveling Kit but if I had to recommend one, my top choice would be Daystar Dodge Ram 1.5″ Leveling Kit.

This one is perfect. It comes with a universal design, is high quality, and improves the engine power of most trucks. This product also improves pickup speeds while reducing wheel hop through improved traction on wet surfaces as well.

The installation process is straightforward, so you’ll have no problem putting this on if it’s not already done so yourself- which also makes maintenance easy as well.

We’re talking about an all-inclusive product here where anything from front to back can be serviced to keep things running smoothly at any given time without hassle.
As a second choice, I would recommend the Rough Country 2.5″ Leveling Kit since it’s a relatively efficient and low-priced product.

If you are looking for a leveling kit that will provide a durable and smooth ride, this is an affordable option. It also has a lifetime replacement warranty so it’s not going to disappoint.

With its durable smooth ride feature as well as reducing fatigue among others with ease of installation – there isn’t much else we could ask from our trucking needs than just having one more product like this.

Before reading this article, it may seem like selecting the Best RAM 2500 Leveling Kit is a challenging job. However, after you finish reading, I think your opinion on what car parts are worth buying or not will change. I’m eager to hear from all my readers so please feel free to give your feedback in the comments section.

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