5 Best Lift Kit for Toyota Tacoma – Reviews & Buying Guide

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If you’re searching for the perfect lift kit for your Toyota Tacoma, you’ve come to the right place. You may not know it, but there are tons of different options out there and they don’t all work with your truck.

Suspension lift kits are a popular upgrade to any truck, SUV, or 4×4. They’re an easy way to brighten up your vehicle’s look and add extra clearance when it comes to tackling tough off-road trails.

Are you planning to add some clearance and performance to your Toyota Tacoma? A lift kit is a way to go.

There are few stronger feelings than driving your vehicle off the lot and feeling like you could conquer the world until you take it off-road and realize that it’s not up to snuff.

For improving the performance in the mud, on a trail, or just cruising down the highway, a lift kit is an essential piece of equipment.

Best Lift Kit for Toyota Tacoma – Our Top 5 Picks

To help you decide whether to invest in a lift kit, we’ve put together this article on the 5 best lift kits for Toyota Tacoma available right now.

We’ll cover the cost and value of all these kits, what makes them great options, and when it’s time to upgrade, including an overview of each brand.

1- 2″ Leveling lift kits Fit for Tacoma

Leveling lift kits Fit for Tacoma

Key Features

  • High-quality material
  • CNC level precision
  • Forged aluminum billet

We are pleased to tell you about this lift kit which keeps your vehicle running smoothly with this stylish tow hook, it’s designed for the 2005-2019 Tacoma 2WD or 4WD models.

By using this kit you’ll be able to raise your truck 2″ in the front. However, due to suspension geometry and its thickness, the ratio which is not 1:1 measures lift height versus thickness of the material.

With these new modifications, an alignment must always be completed after installing any kind of suspension component for optimal performance before driving around town.

You will have a safe driving experience in any conditions with their forged from aircraft-grade aluminum billet, 10.9 solid bolts, and powder-coated black finish that offers better corrosion resistance.

The extended U-Bolt on this product makes it a must-have for any high-strength steel construction. It offers increased load capacity without reducing the durability or quality of materials used.

You will be amazed that Tacoma gains an aggressive look with extra ground clearance by using this lift kit for tires and rims. The Compatible crazy off-road model is more suitable for one who enjoys driving in rough terrain but doesn’t let that discourage those looking for something less challenging.

This product offers a 30-day refund policy and 24 months free replacement parts service that’s sure to not only protect your investment but also give it the loving care it deserves.


  • Refund policy
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Compatible with latest models


  • Difficult installation

2- TORCH 3″ Front 2″ Rear Leveling Lift Kit

TORCH 3  Front 2 Rear Leveling Lift Kit

Key Features

  • Powder-coated U bolts for higher strength
  • Greater front lift to reduce shocks
  • Tapered rear blocks for greater life

The TORCH is the perfect lift kit for all your off-roading needs. It’s reliable and tough, with plenty of power to hold a 4-wheel drive system to take on any terrain or weather condition that you can throw at it!

One of the high-quality suspension parts will allow you to lift your vehicle an inch or two. It’s perfect for when there isn’t enough room under the car, and it also comes with all mounting hardware needed.

Making your backyard mechanics accessible is easy with this simple installation. Step-by-step instructions will guide you through each of these tasks from start to finish so that anyone in charge can enjoy hours playing outside or relaxing around their house.

This Best lift kit for Toyota Tacoma 2021 is great and easy to access as the shipping company used is the best in their industry. They always deliver your order quickly and with great care, so you can enjoy it as soon as possible.

You will be astonished by its front strut spacers that are designed to give your vehicle the perfect balance of looks and performance, while also increasing stance. They will generate 3″ of lift which you can’t find anywhere else.

We loved that these are flexible enough for daily driving or track use as they’re made from high-quality materials by designers who know what it feels like when their ride is just lowered.

And the best feature of the product is its extended U-Bolt that is a must for any high-strength steel construction. This bolt not only offers increased load capacity, but it also does so with no reduction in durability or quality of materials used.

The tapered rear blocks that come with the truck will be more durable than cast ones. They’re also made from steel, which is much harder and lasts longer in general, you can bet your life on them.

If you’re looking for a way to get 3″ of lift in the front, then these TORCH Off-Road strut spacers are an easy and affordable way. Moreover, it comes in different sizes so that you can find what works best with your vehicle.


  • Easy installation
  • Perfectly designed
  • Reliable and tough


  • Expensive

3- ZY Wheel 3” Front and 2” Rear Leveling Lift Kit

Rear Leveling Lift Kit Compatible for 2005-2019 Toyota Tacoma

Key Features

  • Great appearance
  • Durable
  • CNC level precision

With this kit, you are going to have a 3″ increase in the front and a 2″ reduction at the rear. The ratio between lift height & thickness is not 1:1. This means that your truck may rise more than expected.

This lift kit is perfect for your 2005-2019 Toyota Tacoma 2WD 4WD. It does not fit 5 Lug or TRD Off-Road models but should be compatible with any other vehicles that have the same width Quad Square Tube Base.

The best part of the product is its CNC-machined 6061 aluminum Front A-Pillar Leveling Kits  that help your truck look and ride like it was always meant for the road

With its unique, aggressive design this becomes perfect on any vehicle with oversized wheels or tires of larger than 15-inch circumference, these leveling kits will give you even more confidence when hitting those curbside corners.

Don’t let suspension problems keep you from enjoying your car. With this package, you are going to have 2X3” Front Spacers and 3X2 Rear Lift Block with U-Bolts.

To make installing your new suspension system as easy and pain-free as possible, the lift kit comes with the kit that makes a quick install procedure that does not require any strut/coil disassembly.

You’re going to need major bucks for a truck suspension upgrade, but it is well worth the cost. The front kits are less than 3″ in height and will raise your ride by about 3″, while rear blocks give you an extra 2″.


  • Easy install
  • U-Bolts strength
  • Extra rise


  • Do not fit with 6 lugs and off-road models

4- AUTOPTIM 3″ Front and 2″ Rear Leveling Lift Kit


Key Features

  • Extra clearance
  • Enhances the appearance
  • Maintains OEM quality of ride

You can finally enjoy long drives across the country with this lift kit. It’ll be like they’re not even there. You can get the best view in town with these level 3″ front and rear bumpers that will make any road seem short-lived.

As the new Tacoma comes equipped standard with a 1:1 ratio between height increase/thickness, this lift kit still found room enough for some creative engineering work, so your ride remains as smooth on landings or takeoff rolls while giving it the durability needed at speed.

This Best lift kit for Toyota Tacoma 2021 is a must-have for any car enthusiast who wants to make their ride look as good and clean on both ends. These Lifts can be used at home, in the garage, or while out driving around town looking pristine with larger custom rims that will fit better than before.

We are amazed that the Forged Aircraft Billet aluminum T6 treated 10.9 Grade premium bolts have excellent resistance to corrosion by the black anodized surface process even in extreme riding conditions, which are perfect for your Toyota Tacoma because they provide safe driving.

This lift kit is an affordable, easy-to-install upgrade that will make your car safer and more aerodynamic.

With this rugged design, you can install it in about 1 1/2 hours with no strut preloading cutting, or modifying any factory parts required.

We know you’re going to love your new levelers, as it offers a lifetime free replacement parts service. If there is ever an issue with these or any other items, you just have to contact and within 24 hours you will get a response.

With this Cross Gusset Plate Locked design, you can be sure that your blocks will offer stronger support than others.


  • Easy to install
  • Attractive design
  • Durable


  • Expensive

5- ADPOW Compatible with Leveling Kit

ADPOW Compatible with Leveling Kit

Key Features

  • Clear thread pitch
  • Forged aluminum
  • Compatible with latest models

This is the perfect accessory for you if you have a 6-lug model or want to use XREAS hydraulic struts on an off-road vehicle.

The kit’s suspension geometry is not 1:1, so the lift height and thickness are different. The front is now 2″ higher than before, but this lift kit used more layers for this change to be effective.

This Best budget lift kit for Toyota Tacoma can be installed in about an hour, with no special tools needed. An alignment is always recommended after installing- it’ll make sure that everything’s running smoothly and you’re ready to go at full speed on those long trips ahead of time.

The more you drive your truck, the smoother it will be. The forged leveling lift kit is made of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and includes 10 9 Grade bolts which give off an aggressive driving experience with heavy-duty or high-speed vehicles without breaking down.

You can relax and remain confident knowing that if you have questions about installation, compatibility, or other technical issues regarding this full set its 2-year warranty will be there for your convenience.

The five-lug model of the Tacoma is only compatible with four different styles and sizes, which means it won’t work for you if your vehicle has an aftermarket suspension system. The 4 runners cannot have X-REAS hydraulic shocks installed on them either.


  • Economical
  • Easy installation
  • 2-year warranty


  • Not compatible with 5 lugs and 4 runners limited model

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What to Look for When Buying Best Lift Kit for Toyota Tacoma?

Rear Leveling Lift Kit Compatible for 2005-2019 Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma is one of the most popular trucks on the market and there are a variety of lift kits available to enhance its performance.

When looking to buy the best lift kit for Toyota Tacoma, it is important to consider the features that are most important to you. Here are some things to look at before making your purchase:

Type of lift kit

There are two main types of lift kits available: suspension and body lift kits. Suspension lift kits raise the suspension of the truck, while body lift kits raise the body of the truck. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so you will need to decide which one is right for you.

Size of the lift kit

Not all lift kits are created equal, and you will need to make sure that you select a kit that is the right size for your truck. If you choose a kit that is too small, it will not provide the desired results, while if you choose a kit that is too large, it may be difficult to install and could damage your truck.

Amount of lift needed

The next step is to decide on the amount of lift that you want for your Toyota Tacoma. If possible, take your vehicle to an experienced suspension specialist who will help you determine the right amount of lift needed for your truck keeping in mind its wheelbase, weight, suspension, and other factors.

Price of the lift kit

Lift kits can vary in price, so you will need to find one that fits your budget. However, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for, so be sure to select a kit that is high quality and will provide the results you are looking for.

Lift kit manufacturer

There are dozens of manufacturers that you can choose from, so it is important to select one with a good reputation for high-quality parts and excellent customer service. You will also want to find one that offers technical support in case you have any problems while installing your new lift kit.

Durability and warranty of the lift kit

A durable and long-lasting lift kit will provide you with excellent performance, so be sure to select a kit that is made from high-quality materials and comes with a warranty in case it malfunctions or breaks down. You will also want to make sure that your new lift kit has a warranty that covers the installation of the kit.

Additional features

This will be different for each person. You may want to choose a lift kit that has shock absorbers or longer brake lines, or you could go for one that has an extended warranty or free shipping.

Driving habits

Will you be driving mostly on-road, or will your truck see mostly off-road conditions? If it is the latter, you may want to invest in a lift kit that has shocks made for rough terrain.

Shocks designed for harsh terrain can handle large bumps and uneven surfaces without losing their functionality. Vehicles that will be driven mostly on-road may not require as much shock absorbency and can get away with a lift that does not include shocks.

Ease of installation

This is an important factor to consider, especially if you are not mechanically inclined. Choose a kit that is easy to install or has good instructions so you can avoid any headaches during the installation process.

Parts included

Some kits do not include all the components you will need to properly install them. If this is the case, make sure that the manufacturer offers whatever parts are missing for purchase. You may also want to consider upgrading your stock parts if they are sub-par for off-road conditions.

Technical support

You will want to ensure that you have access to reliable information and assistance when you need it most.

Return policy

Some manufacturers may offer this, while others do not. It is important to know what you can do in case you are not completely happy with your purchase.



Choosing the right kit for your Toyota  Tacoma is crucial, as it will make your truck look better and boost its overall performance. There are several great choices when it comes to choosing the best lift kit, and all the above-mentioned lift kits are the best lift kits for Toyota Tacoma but if you had to choose one, I would highly recommend the TORCH 3″ Front 2″ Rear Leveling Lift Kit.

This lift kit has front struts which are perfect for anyone looking to make their Toyota Tacoma stand out. They come with enough height adjustment so you can tailor them according to your liking, as well as 3″ of lift which isn’t available anywhere else.

Moreover, the extended U-Bolt design of the product is a must for any high-strength steel construction. Not only does this bolt offer increased load capacity, but it uses durable materials and doesn’t reduce the quality to do so.

As a second choice, I would recommend the readers consider the ADPOW Compatible with Leveling Kit.

This forged Best budget lift kit for Toyota Tacoma is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and includes 10 9 Grade bolts which give off an aggressive driving experience with heavy-duty or high-speed vehicles without breaking down.

And the kit’s suspension geometry is not 1:1, so the lift height and thickness are different. The front is 2″ higher than before but this change was made easier with more layers added for it to be effective on your Toyota Tacoma truck.

I’m so excited and can’t wait any longer to read your thoughts on this article Best Lift kit for Toyota Tacoma. Please jump into this conversation in a few seconds and provide your unbiased feedback. If you liked it also give it a thumbs up.

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