Best Tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke – Our Top 8 Picks

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The Best Tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke is a vital device that can be attached to your vehicle’s engine easily and will optimize it according to the driver’s choice.

There are different types of tuners available in the market, including off-road, chips, programmers, and many more. Each one has its functions and features.

The best tuners for the 6.7 Powerstroke engine will provide you with better performance, optimum fuel efficiency, and smooth acceleration along with a good sound system as well.

A tuner is a perfect choice to make your car run better on its overall level. The tuners can be attached easily within minutes and will provide you with the best kind of experience.

Why Do you need a Tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke?

Yes, we think you do. Especially if you drive a truck or SUV. These vehicles are notorious for getting terrible gas mileage and can suffer from many different problems. The 6.7 Powerstroke is no exception. If you have one of these vehicles, we highly recommend you consider purchasing a tuner.

Also, we think everyone who drives a car should at least have the ability to tune their vehicle. It might not be fun or as convenient as taking your car to the dealership but we think everyone should know how to do it themselves. Plus, we all need to be aware of exactly what is going on with our cars and be able to make adjustments whenever necessary.

Here are some other reasons we think you should consider a tuner for your 6.7 Powerstroke engine:

  1. Instantly Know What’s Wrong With Your Car And Need To Fix It
  2. Save Money
  3. Increase The Lifespan Of Your Vehicle
  4. Know When Your Next Oil Change Is Necessary
  5. Prevent Unnecessary Repairs
  6. Get The Most Out Of Your Automobile
  7. Know-How To Make Simple, Easy, And Profitable Adjustments
  8. Improve The Performance Of Your Vehicle

Best Tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke – Our Top Picks

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To keep the truck running smoothly and efficiently, one must have a professional diagnostic tool, to service it from time to time.

Based upon our comprehensive analysis we have finalized our top 8 picks whose detailed description is as follows:

1. Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller

Pedal Commander

Key Features

  • Single Touch Control Panel
  • Faster Acceleration
  • Saves up to 20% on Gas

Pedal Commander – PC18 for Ford Trucks F-250 is the most advanced throttle response controller on market today.

This Tuner for ford 6.7 Powerstroke pedals with your cruise control and gets rid of that clunky handbrake lever from under your seat so you can pedal while driving without having to take both hands off the wheel.

With a single touch control panel at the front end, it will adjust power as needed based upon how fast or slow each foot presses down giving a more responsive feel than the whole vehicle-equipped type systems ever could hope to achieve.

Get the most out of your car with the Pedal Commander system. Eliminate that delay from your electronic gas pedal and experience faster acceleration for yourself.

The best Ford truck accessory is finally here. This tuner works in 4 different modes for those who want an economical ride or highway driving experience.

9 additional settings can be changed according to your needs, so you’re guaranteed comfort no matter what model you choose.

This tuner is a must-have for any Ford truck driver and can save you up to 20% on gas. It is a simple plug-and-play device that takes only about 5 minutes to install.

It is Bluetooth compatible so you can control the unit using the free Pedal Commander app either on your Android or IOS device.

However, it is important to reset the truck and tuner if you want it to work with another vehicle.


  • Simple Plug and Play Device
  • Takes only about 5 Minutes to Install
  • Bluetooth Compatible


  • Truck and tuner must be reset to factory settings for use with a different vehicle

2. SCT Performance BDX Tuner

SCT Performance

Key Features

  • Has Diagnostic Preloaded Tunes
  • Maximum Tune Flexibility
  • Displays Real-Time Stats and Parameters

The SCT Performance BDX Tuner – 40490 tuning and monitoring system is a diagnostic preloaded device that the user can customize.

It includes features for both berline drive engines, as well as diesel injection nozzles & valves or DPF Systems in your vehicle’s 2WD configuration only.

The Special Tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke is the best in performance and tuning for your car. It has diagnostic preloaded tunes that are designed to help you get maximum horsepower, torque, or economy out of each engine size with its easy-to-use monitor tool.

This tuner comes pre-loaded with proven performance tunes & holds up to 20 custom tuning files for Maximum tune flexibility.

You can even store your vehicle’s factory settings in case you want to return it down from maximal power levels.

This tuner downloads updates and tunes from over Wi-Fi. Seamlessly matches your vehicle with available preloaded or custom tunes that are suited to you by matching its settings, giving the best possible performance for how far along on a trip.

It has a full-color display that displays real-time stats and parameters. This device can be used for technicians, mechanics, or even DIY’s who want to know how their vehicle’s performance compares with others on the road.

This tuner monitor can be mounted to the pillar, window, or dash. It makes it easy for you to get in touch with your productivity at any time from anywhere.

However, this tuner is compatible with 2WD trucks only and is useless for drivers having 4WD Ford trucks.


  • Easily Customizable
  • Easy-To-Use Monitor Tool
  • Downloads Updates and Tunes Over Wi-Fi


  • Compatible with 2WD trucks only

3. BULLY DOG GTX Performance Tuner

BULLY DOG - 40460B

Key Features

  • Access to Data Concerning Engine Performance Via Wi-Fi Connection
  • Measure Minute Intake Air Temperature
  • Diagnose and Clear Trouble Codes

The BULLY DOG GTX Performance Tuner is a high-performance tuner and monitor that will let you make your car go faster than ever before.

Its sleek black design means it won’t take up much room on the desktop, plus this device can be hooked into any computer to give all access to data concerning engine performance via WiFi connection.

This Best Tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke lets owners measure minute intake air temperature; crank signal voltage, and camshaft timing curves for each cylinder bank – information that helps with tuning or troubleshooting problems when there’s no physical tachometer present.

This tuner Works on Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, and more. It can also be used for cars made by GM, Toyota, or Cadillac so if you’re looking to upgrade from your old steed this might just do the trick.

This tuner downloads updates and tunes from over Wi-Fi. Matches your Ford vehicle with available tunes that fit for a personalized driving experience.

The easy-to-use features of this tuner will diagnose and clear trouble codes to ensure proper engine operation. With a mounted 5″ LCD, you can monitor performance parameters at your fingertips.

You’ll be able to adjust the tuner’s interface and preload custom tunes for it to control all aspects of driving including speed limit correction or fuel efficiency increase, whatever suits best.

However, this tuner has no speedometer calibration and other significant features which make it not a great option for people who want their car to be too fast.


  • Sleek Black Design
  • Mounted 5″ LCD Display
  • Adjustable Interface


  • No speedometer calibration and other features

4. SCT Performance X4 Tuner

SCT Performance - 7215

Key Features

  • Produces more Efficient Combustion
  • Provides Extra Boost
  • Used for Real-Time Data Logging

SCT Performance is a tuning company that specializes in optimizing cars for maximum horsepower. The new SCT Performance X4 Tuner plugs into the diagnostic connector and changes all relevant parameters, including timing ramps and fuel curves as well as air/fuel ratio sensors.

It also alters lambda probes to produce more efficient combustion during peak power moments when you need an extra boost. This Highly Recommended Tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke is the go-to for racers looking to take their vehicles from good and make them great.

This tuner will give you an edge over your competitors. With more power at hand in any corner of the track, there’s no reason does not to use this new product lineup where tuning just got easier than ever before.

It’s designed to fit wide arrays of models and can be used whether you’re doing real-time data logging or just want some information on your car like what temperature sensor does it use.

This tuner arrives pre-loaded with DYNO-proven tune files that increase horsepower and torque. You can control your vehicle’s performance fully using custom tuning capability to optimize every aspect of its power delivery or adjust it easily through an adjustable interface for those who would rather make changes on the fly in their car.

This tuner has built-in Wi-Fi, so you don’t need an internet connection. It will automatically download updates for the device when they become available.

However, the unfortunate reality is that this tuner has no option to read error codes and detect any malicious signals.


  • Pre-Loaded with Dyno-Proven Tune Files
  • Adjustable Interface
  • Built-In Wi-Fi


  • It has no option to read error codes

5. Superchips Flashcal F5 In-Cab Tuner


Key Features

  • Provides Live Data Feedback
  • Improved Horsepower And Torque
  • 3.5L Eco Boost Motor

Meet the newest player in your vehicle’s computer system. Introducing Superchips Flashcal F5 In-Cab Tuner, which is compatible with 1999 to 2019 Ford Diesel and Gasoline Engines as well.

The Tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke engine can be installed on any brand of car you choose from Chevy or Toyota – it even works for GM vehicles if they’re equipped with a 7” touchscreen display.

The 2″ color screen makes tuning more enjoyable than ever before while also providing live data feedback throughout; so, whether its fuel efficiency updates or weight reduction tips this tuner will make sure that everything stays within factory specs all year long.

With this tuner, you will see improved horsepower and torque on your Ford F-150. With the 3.5L Eco-boost motor as an example application in mind – it’s no surprise that people are using these programmers for their Mustangs too.

This tuner features a high-definition color screen that provides an improved user experience with a faster processor to speed up tuning and updating speeds as well increased memory size for better performance throughout various driving conditions like climbing hills or downshifting when needed most–all without sacrificing your car’s power on dry pavement.

This reliable device also includes economy mode so you can save gas while commuting. The towing mode is perfect if the vehicle unexpectedly breaks down at the highway exit ramp.

The daily driving option of this tuner allows drivers maximum flexibility depending upon their current route plans & how much time they have available before arrival destination.

However, you can’t trust a single byte of information coming from the tuner when it’s got corrupted ECM.


  • 2″ Color Screen
  • Faster Processor
  • Economy and Towing Mode


  • Corrupted ECM

6. Banks Power’s 66592-DL Tuner

Banks Power 66592-DL

Key Features

  • Superior Performance
  • Provides Real-Time Feedback
  • Gives your Car’s Engine all it needs to Go Faster

Banks Power’s latest offering, the 66592-DL Tuner is a game-changer for those who want to optimize their vehicle.

By deriving its power and torque from your engine at every given opportunity it can give you an edge over other vehicles on the road with superior performance in all areas.

With Banks’ microprocessor-based electronics seamlessly integrating into car settings such as AFRs (airflow rates), knock sensors/detection systems, etc., the Exceptional Tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke will provide real-time feedback that allows adjusting accordingly, ensuring absolute straighter lines without any lag or hesitation throughout each gear change.

This tuner is the key ingredient in a recipe for supercar performance. It stops competitors dead in their tracks and gives your car’s engine all it needs to go faster, start at idle with more power higher up on the tachometer range than before.

This tuner has three switched settings: Stock, Plus, and Sport. When running with a loaded work truck or pulling a trailer you can greatly improve your on-ramp merging speeds as well as passing times by utilizing the electronics in this device which is easily concealed and communicates using B-Bus (Banks Bus) through Banks’ iDash 1.8 Super Gauge or Control Center for maximum productivity.

This is the perfect tuner for those looking to read their nitro engines accurately. It connects in line with a vehicle’s TIP and MAP sensors and talks directly with cars equipped with OBDII systems- giving you access always.

However, this tuner is a bit expensive than competitors, so most people avoid buying this amazing gadget.


  • Three Switched Settings
  • Interaction with OBDII systems
  • Accurate Reading of Nitro Engines


  • A bit expensive than competitors

7. Banks Power 2020 Derringer Tuner

Banks Power 2020 GM

Key Features

  • Harness is included
  • High-quality material
  • ‎1.94 pounds weight

Banks Power 2020 Derringer Tuner makes it easy to dial in the best power to your powerplant for maximum performance, at any RPM range. With a lightweight and compact design, it installs in seconds and requires no drilling or cutting of holes in your engine.

Simply remove the cap from the power lead that attaches to your distributor, insert the end of the Power Tuner into the cap, screw on the cap, and you’re ready to go.

If you have a stock engine, you may not need this tool at all, but if you are planning to install a Performance Series (PNP) or Boron Series (PNB) engine, this tool will save you hours of aggravation and make your engine run like new.

Too many guys don’t realize that a properly tuned engine will run better at lower RPMs than it will at wide-open throttle. This is especially true with a heavy vehicle such as a pickup.

With this tool, you can easily adjust the timing on your distributor so it fires the plugs at the exact right time for maximum power. When you use a tool like this, you won’t have to worry about destroying your engine by running it too hard or too fast.

After testing this product, we were surprised at how well it worked. We expected it would be difficult to dial in the perfect combination of ignition advance and spark plug gap, but it was easy peasy.

Therefore, if you are serious about getting the most out of your engine, we recommend you give this tool a try.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Simple installation
  • High-quality material
  • Compact design


  • Some may find it a little pricey

8. Bully Dog 40420 Performance Tuner

Bully Dog - 40420

Key Features

  • Monitor over 15 performance parameters
  • Enhance performance
  • Boost vehicle Performance

This is the best tuner we have ever tested for the 6.7 Powerstroke. It checks all the boxes necessary for a great performance tuner. The simplicity of this device is what makes it so effective

The Bully Dog 40420 Performance Tuner is an easy-to-use device that gives you instant fuel economy estimates for up to 7 different power strokes.

Just plug it into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle and it gives you an estimate of how much fuel you will save by switching to ultra-low smoke cigarettes.

You’ll also get an idea of how much money you will save at the pump. This tuner works with all 2002-up GM vehicles and is CE Certified. It has a unique design which makes it extremely accurate and has the added feature of high intensity, low glare LED display.

After you input your 6.7 Powerstroke’s data, the Bully Dog 40420 will give you detailed info on exactly what adjustments you should make to your car to achieve peak fuel economy. You’ll also get complete instructions on how to properly use this tuner using their manual.

We really like this device because it is easy-to-use, accurate, and provides detailed information. This device is recommended for both professional and private users who are looking for an easy way to squeeze every drop of fuel efficiency out of their vehicles.

After testing it on 6.7 Powerstroke engines, we found it to be an accurate and helpful performance tuner for this engine.

All in all, this is a valuable tuner and is worth testing on your 6.7 Powerstroke engine.


  • Accurate Easy-to-use Detailed information
  • No special skills or technical know-how required
  • Instant fuel economy estimates
  • High intensity, low glare LED display


  • Installation takes time

Buying Guide For Choosing Tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke

powerstock engine tunning

Following are some of the most important points to consider while buying the Tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke:

Engine Power Gains

With the tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke, you can achieve gains of up to 100 HP and 300 ft-lbs of torque depending on the manufacturer and the model.

For a turbocharged engine, this is huge if your truck still has some warranty left, make sure you don’t go overboard with tuning it up.

Read the instructions and follow them carefully, otherwise, you’ll end up voiding your warranty and doing some damage to your vehicle in the long run (even if this is not immediately apparent).


The best tuner should offer you easy access to all controls and monitoring features. You should be able to change parameters on the go without having to follow complicated steps.

If your tuner has more than one control knob, you will have an easier time finding out if it’s compatible with your ride or not.

Clear Monitoring Features

You need to know what kind of fuel economy you are getting with your current setup, what the exhaust gas temperature is, and how much torque/HP you are putting out.

All this data should be monitored using LED lights, screens, or even visual graphs. It shouldn’t matter if the tuner offers only two or three monitoring features; as long as it can provide adequate information, you’ll be able to track the changes in your vehicle’s performance.


The best tuner should not be something that you buy and use for a few months only. If you are serious about tuning up your ride, invest in a tuner that can be upgraded with time.

This way, it will be a one-time investment and in a couple of years when you get a different ride, won’t have to worry about buying another tuner.

Requisite Accessories

Make sure it covers all your requirements as not having important features such as exhaust gas temperature monitoring may affect performance even though you can do without that ability.


Remember to check the calibration options available in the tool you are purchasing. Calibration is very important because it will help your truck perform at its best under all circumstances.


Ensure that the latest software for this model of trucks has been installed in your device or scanner, to avoid any error or inaccuracy.


Make sure you purchase your scanner from a genuine company that provides warranty and support, as well as training videos to understand the use of their product.

Internet Facility

Some devices come along with an option for internet updates which is very helpful if you want to maintain compatibility with future vehicles released by Ford. You never know when the company is going to launch an upgraded model.


Look for a scanner that can be used under different conditions, to ensure that you are not restricted to using it only in one particular environment.

The ideal weather condition would be ‘outdoor’. This will provide you with the flexibility of performing diagnostics even if you are in a remote location.

Error Reading Capability

Make sure the device is capable of reading and clearing all error codes, which will help you service your vehicle better.

You should also look for options like freeze frame data while purchasing your tool. It will be helpful when troubleshooting after an intermittent fault occurs.

Drive Diagnostics

The most important feature you must look for while purchasing a tuner is the ability to do complete drive diagnostics.

The ability to read actual values of all sensors, injectors, and switches along with the capability to measure the fuel pressure will be very helpful.



There are several great alternatives when it comes to Best Tuner for 6.7 Powerstroke, and all the above-mentioned tuners are among the best but if you had to pick one, I would highly recommend the Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller.

This is the perfect tuning device for any driver. With its single-touch control panel, faster acceleration, and easy installation process you’ll be on your way in no time.

Not only will it make your ride faster and save you time, but this tuner also has an easy install process that takes less than 5 minutes.

The tuner’s patented system will save drivers up to 20% at gas stations while they’re away. Thanks also to the Bluetooth compatibility that lets you connect with ease from anywhere via mobile phone or tablet (even if it doesn’t have internet!).

As a second choice, I would recommend the readers consider the BULLY DOG GTX Performance Tuner.

This new tuner is the most technologically advanced, and it has measurements that will give you peace of mind. It connects with your vehicle through Wi-Fi so data concerning engine performance can be accessed by an LCD mounted onto its face as well.

With all these features at hand too—a wide variety of adjustable interfaces for different types of cars are available to make tuning more accessible than ever before.

Get ready to share your thoughts on this article because I can’t wait. Please jump into the conversation in a few seconds and tell me what you think of the Tuners for 6.7 Powerstroke.

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