10 Best Oil for 7.3 Powerstroke

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The 7.3 Powerstroke is the diesel engine that is used in most off-road vehicles. It is a compact, lightweight and powerful engine.

This diesel engine has become a popular choice for off-road vehicles. The major problem associated with diesel engines is that they run on oil. When the oil is depleted, the engine is unable to start.

To have a smooth and reliable operation of the diesel engine, it is necessary to have the right oil. If your 7.3 Powerstroke engine is subjected to extreme operating conditions, you should choose an oil that will protect it.

The oil must be able to protect the engine from high temperature, high pressure, high vibration, high RPM, high load, and high oil consumption.

How To Change Oil In 7.3 Powerstroke?

Changing the oil in a 7.3 power stroke is pretty easy. However, it is important to follow the correct procedure to ensure that you get the best oil for your 7.3 Powerstroke.

  • First, drain the old oil into a clean container and take the first drain plug out and discard the old oil.
  • Next, remove the oil filter from the engine. This is a tight hold screw that holds on by compression, so be careful, not over- to tighten it. 
  • Once the oil filter is out remove the dipstick, wipe it off, and put it back in.
  • Start the engine and let it warm up for a few minutes until the oil pressure rises and the light on the dipstick goes out.
  • Then remove the oil fill plug that is next to the oil filter and you will find the oil filter cap.
  • Remove the cap and discard the old oil then place it back on the engine. After that, you can start the engine and let it run

Best Oil for 7.3 Powerstroke – Our Topic Picks

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Finding the best oil for a 7.3 Powerstroke is quite difficult and you need to be very careful because the wrong oil could cause damage to your engine and make it unreliable.

That’s why we tested and compiled a list of 10 high-quality oils for 7.3 power strokes that have a positive service history, overall compatibility, and performance.

1. Amazon Basics Full Synthetic Oil

Amazon Basics Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Key Features

  • Longer drain intervals
  • 32 fluid ounce
  • 5w-40 viscosity
  • Bottle packaging

Our Review:

The Amazon Basics Full Synthetic is designed to provide the proper amount of lubrication and protection for your engine. Oil is a must-have product that will help keep your Powerstroke in exact shape.

This oil has high resistance to viscosity, so it won’t get stuck in the gear and won’t affect performance. It also contains anti-corrosive additives to prevent corrosion from taking place inside the engine.

This high-quality oil has a 5w-40 viscosity which means it has a relatively low pour point. This is great for cold weather running when you want to avoid getting your engine oil frozen.

The package contains a full 32 fl. oz. bottle of oil. This is enough oil to last you for a month. So you can keep using this oil for longer before you need to refill it.

It will extend your engine life by preventing the build-up that causes rust. It reduces friction to help keep your engine moving more smoothly and it has been proven to reduce exhaust emissions. This oil is compatible with all internal combustion engines and offers a high-performance level.

Furthermore, you can use this oil for a wide variety of engines, including Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. The reason behind this is that it will remain liquid for a longer period and it will not evaporate.

The Amazon Basics Full Synthetic Oil is also environmentally-friendly because it contains fewer ingredients than conventional oils. You can use it without worrying about its environmental impact.

The only thing you need to watch out for when using this oil is that there’s no clear visibility strip on the bottle of this oil. This might not be something that you want because it’s a bit tricky to get a hold of the correct amount of oil when you are pouring it.


  • Prevent build-up that causes rust and corrosion
  • Reduce friction
  • High resistance to viscosity
  • Decrease exhaust emissions


  • No clear visibility strip on side of the bottle

2. Castrol Motor Oil

Castrol 03057 GTX

Key Features

  • Reduce engine wear
  • Jug package formation
  • 160 fluid ounce
  • 5w-30 viscosity

Our Review:

Castrol Motor Oil is a popular oil brand in the Indian automotive industry and it is considered to be the best oil for 7.3 power stroke engines.

The oil helps to deliver that helps deliver plenty of lubrication for all your driving needs and keep your engine parts up to 4X smoother while keeping the motor running properly

It comes in a 160-ounce Jug with an easy-pour top that you can use for long-term storage. It has a synthetic blend that provides longer life, better performance, and improved mileage.

We love to fact that the Castrol Oil provides a smooth and slick driving experience which will help your car to perform better. It also reduces engine wear and prolongs its life by up to 50%. The motor oil is also tested by Castrol experts using advanced techniques for quality assurance.

This oil is specially formulated to protect your engine from oxidation and other unwanted elements. It also has a synthetic blend that helps prevent the formation of thick deposits in your engine and also improves fuel economy.

The main advantage of this product is that it is highly recommended by experts and provides the best performance in a variety of conditions. This motor oil can be used by both new and old engines.

The 5W-30 viscosity is suitable for all types of engines and provides enough emulsification to your engine so it can be used for all kinds of vehicles, including heavy-duty and luxury cars.

This product comes in a jug packaging that is perfect for car owners who are always on the move and want to keep their vehicles clean and uncluttered.

The oil was also tested for wear resistance and it provides the best possible protection against sludge formation. So, if you are looking for the best oil for your engine, then this is one of the best choices.


  • Sludge protection
  • Synthetic blend
  • Tested Sequence IVA wear test
  • Keeps critical engine parts up to 4X smoother


  • None

3. Shell Rotella Full Synthetic Oil

Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5W-40

Key Features

  • Improves low temp flow
  • Provide longer life in a wide range of heavy-duty engine
  • Low temp pumpability
  • Advanced low ash formulation

Our Review:

The Shell Rotella Full Synthetic 5w-40 Diesel Engine Oil is an incredible choice for your car engine oil.

The oil can withstand extreme temperature conditions and provide better fuel efficiency, as well as long-lasting performance. The oil also contains higher levels of shear stability that help to prevent varnish that build-up inside the engine.

We love that the oil is manufactured by using a Triple Protection Plus technology that helps protect your engine from wear, deposits, and oil breakdown.

The oil is designed to protect your engine from the damaging effects of heat, dust, water, and elements. So this is suitable for use in a variety of trucks, tractors, SUVs, vans, cars, motorcycles, boats, and all types of off-road vehicles.

However, you will need to drain the old oil from your engine before using the new oil, otherwise, you will end up with half a gallon of old oil inside the engine. In addition, you will also need to drain the old oil from your engine as part of the maintenance process, otherwise, it will contaminate the new oil. So make sure you have done that beforehand.

It also contains enhanced fuel capability which allows it to deliver optimum performance under demanding conditions.

It contains a multifunction dispersant that controls sludge and keeps your engine cleaner. sludge and sediment in the engine. As a result, your 7.3 power stroke will operate more efficiently and smoothly.

The oil features better cold-cranking that helps get the engine started quickly., and lower ash content which makes it suitable for use in high-mileage engines.


  • Enhanced fuel capability
  • Multifunction dispersant additives
  • Increased shear stability
  • Better cold cranking


  • Half leaked gallon

4. Valvoline Diesel Engine Oil

Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme

Key Features

  • 12 quartz liquid volume
  • Provide a safe start during freezing weather
  • Great wear protection

Our Review:

Valvoline Diesel Engine Oil is developed using advanced chemistry and engineered to give you the best value in lubrication.

It also features a superior synthetic base stock that helps keep the oil clean and clear. This oil is designed to give you superior thermal properties and outstanding oxidation resistance so this diesel engine oil also provides excellent protection against corrosion and wear and tear.

We were impressed that this oil comes in a convenient container with an easy-to-use pump. To use this oil, simply pour the required quantity of the oil into the reservoir, add the required amount of the additive and mix it thoroughly.

It is manufactured with the use of a high-pressure homogenization process. This means that the oil is highly refined and has a lower carbon content.

The oil is also free of any harmful additives, chemicals, high-temperature, or petroleum distillates.

This diesel engine oil has a high level of viscosity, so this is a premium engine oil that can be used in the 7.3-liter Power Stroke engine to enhance the performance of the engine and ensure optimal protection.

This product is also 100% synthetically derived, which makes it a superior option. You do not have to worry about it containing any dangerous additives.

The only downside we noticed was that the seal did not seem to be as good as we would have liked and we had to check the oil more often to make sure there weren’t any leaky holes.

This oil is also a reliable and long-lasting product and you can easily use it for a long time. It’s available in 12 different quarts, so you can get the exact quantity of oil you need.

Hence this is excellent oil that will not only provide long life to your engine but will also protect it against corrosion and wear and tear.


  • Superior synthetic base stocks
  • Outstanding oxidation resistance
  • Enhanced thermal properties
  • Reliable


  • Oil did not have a proper seal

5. Shell Rotella Engine Oil

Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend

Key Features

  • Ideal for on-highway fleets, construction, etc
  • Improves low-temperature flow
  • Helps control engine deposits

Our Review:

The Shell Rotella Engine Oil helps to maintain engine health, as well as extends the life of the engine by delaying or preventing premature wear.

The oil is made using a patented technology that helps in preventing the formation of varnish. This Oil can help reduce oil consumption by up to 20% and offers improved engine protection in extreme conditions.

Special additives are included in this engine oil to prevent the build-up of harmful engine deposits. They also allow them to flow evenly into the engine, and they are compatible with diesel fuels and lubricants.

After using it, we have found that this is the unique engine oil for your vehicle if you want it to run smoothly all the time and get longer life. There is no need to change the oil every 2 years as is the case with other types of oil. 

It doesn’t cost much and it’s an eco-friendly product. So if you want to have an oil that delivers long life, you should consider Shell Rotella Engine Oil.

This engine oil has been proven to reduce engine wear by 37%, and it improves the reliability of the engine for extended oil drain intervals. 

It also has enhanced oxidation resistance to protect against internal corrosion and improves the overall performance of your vehicle.  This oil helps prevent sludge buildup in the cylinders, which helps maintain proper air/fuel ratio. It also has a special design bottle for easier handling and pouring.

In addition, this product helps maintain engine power, fuel efficiency, and drivability. The Shell Rotella Engine Oil is formulated for vehicles that are operated at high speed on pavement. 


  • Reliability at extended oil drain intervals
  • Wear control 37% better than max wear requirements
  • Improved oxidation performance
  • Design for easy handling and pouring


  • Expensive

6. Valvoline Premium Engine Oil

Valvoline Premium Blue SAE

Key Features

  • 3 gallons fluid volume
  • Strong shear stability
  • Outstanding engine protection capability

Our Review:

The Valvoline Premium Engine Oil is recommended by most car service centers for its exceptional engine protection.

This engine oil is designed to provide great fuel economy as it helps to reduce fuel consumption by 30% and reduces carbon emissions by 60% by minimizing engine deposits and keeping the engine clean.

The Valvoline Premium Engine Oil has a unique formula that helps to reduce wear and tear and extends its life span. This engine oil has strong shear stability which helps improve engine lubrication and protects your engine from damage caused by the friction between moving parts.

It has high viscosity which improves its ability to dissipate heat from moving parts.

Moreover, this oil is capable of preventing engine deposits from forming, which helps to keep your engine running smoother and cleaner.

Also, it has a superior deposit performance which is designed to prevent your oil from becoming cloudy and to protect the valves and pistons from wear. The oil is also a very strong and reliable product that will last a long time.

This oil provides superior protection against the formation of sludge deposits. It is a trusted product that is recommended for your vehicle that helps to improve your engine performance and protect it from extreme heat and cold temperatures damage.

The package includes 3 gallons of this oil and you can easily store it inside your trunk or engine compartment.

However, if you don’t want to get stuck with a large bottle of this product, then you should be aware that it doesn’t blend. This means that you need to purchase the appropriate amount of the Valvoline Premium Engine Oil depending on the volume of the vehicle. 

Therefore, whether you want to keep your engine protected and running smoothly, you should try out this Valvoline Premium Engine Oil.


  • Superior deposit performance
  • Trusted product
  • 24 pounds
  • Keeps vehicle safe rolling down on the road


  • Does not blend

7. Liqui Moly Motor Oil

Liqui Moly

Key Features

  • 230 degrees Celcius flashpoint
  • Low friction
  • Better mileage
  • Durable

Our Review:

Liqui Moly Motor Oil is known to be a very efficient oil for a vehicle that has been equipped with the latest technology.

This HC synthetic oil has a lower viscosity index than traditional mineral oils, so it requires less energy to pump.

The oil will remain at the correct operating temperature and never need to be reheated. Due to its non-corrosive nature, the oil is safe to use for all types of engines including diesel, petrol, and gas.

Moreover, it will penetrate quickly into your engine and provides excellent lubrication and fuel efficiency. Liqui Moly Oil will ensure your engine lasts for a long time and provides excellent mileage.

This motor oil has a high flashpoint temperature of 230 degrees Celcius which means that if you drive in cold weather, this oil will work better for your engine. It also comes with a great 30,000 to 50,000 km oil change interval that will help you save a lot of money on car maintenance costs.

The oil will keep your engine cool by dissipating heat, so you will be able to enjoy driving without worrying about overheating your engine. This oil is very affordable, so you don’t need to worry about spending too much on buying the product. 

The oil also ensures fast oil penetration which means that the oil is always fresh and it doesn’t clog the engine even after being driven for a long time. If you have an older car, you can use this motor oil as an alternative to conventional oil.

The best part about this motor oil is that it comes in a light and compact bottle and does not cause any trouble with your car by making it convenient to carry around and store. It’s also very durable and you won’t need to change it every month as the manufacturer suggests.


  • HC synthetic High technology
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Ensure fast oil penetration
  • Up to 30,000 to 50,000 km oil change intervals


  • Heavy

8. Schaeffer Manufacturing Engine Oil

Schaeffer Manufacturing Co. 9000-012S

Key Features

  • Keeps engine cleaner
  • Minimal sludge
  • Reduces soot and carbon build-up

Our Review:

This oil is specially formulated to provide an excellent balance between the performance and economy of a racing engine.

This oil has been specially formulated with a synthetic additive and detergent that provides excellent engine protection and helps in reducing the friction inside the engine. It also contains mineral oil which provides the oil with the necessary lubricating properties.

Additionally, the oil also resists thinning at high temperatures and improves engine durability. It provides more economical compared to other brands because it costs less than half of the other products on the market.

It has an excellent performance at lower temperatures, but you need to use it at higher temperatures to keep it in top condition. You can use this oil for up to 5 years without worrying about engine damage and wear. However, it is recommended to change your oil every 3,000 miles.

We love the fact that this also helps keep the engine cleaner and keeps the internal parts cleaner, which means better mileage, faster acceleration, and improved fuel economy.

This product will help your vehicle reduce carbon build-up and keep the internal parts of the engine cleaner and free of dirt and dust which means better mileage, and faster acceleration. It also has a high flash point, so it will prevent the oil from catching fire if you run it with a cold engine.

As per our personal experience, this engine oil has been working fine for the last 2 years on my bike.

However, we have noticed that the injectors of my bike might be a little bit noisy when running on dirt roads but it’s a minor problem that can easily be addressed by adjusting the height of the filler cap.


  • Resists thinning at high temperature
  • Improves engine durability
  • Quickly lubricates in col weather
  • More economical


  • Injectors get noisy

9. Ford Genuine Diesel Motor Oil

Ford Genuine XO-15W40

Key Features

  • 160 fluid ounce
  • High-quality diesel engine oil
  • Premium hydro processed base oils

Our Review:

The Ford Genuine Diesel Motor Oil is a unique diesel engine oil for 7.3 power stroke engines. It comes with a 15w-40 viscosity that makes this motor oil more suitable for use in older cars that might have thinner oil filters.

This oil features a 160 fluid ounce bottle that contains premium base oils that have been processed through the use of the latest technology.

The unique additive technology in this motor oil helps in cleaning up your engine by removing the carbon deposits that are usually found in the lubricants. It also helps to reduce engine noise by keeping the engine cool, protecting the filter, and cleaning the combustion chamber.

The motor oil is also affordable and comes in a convenient container that will help you store your oil safely. You may have heard of other brands that offer similar products but none of them come at such an affordable price.

This oil has been specially designed for your vehicle to give you better mileage, reduce engine noise and improve engine performance.

The bottle is made of plastic that allows you to store the oil in a cool, dry, and safe environment. However, the containers do not come with an API seal on them, which means that they are not approved by the American Petroleum Institute.

So this is a good product that will enhance the overall performance of your diesel engine. Make sure you buy it from an authorized dealer and check the API seal on its container before buying it.


  • Unique additive technology
  • 15w-40 viscosity
  • Affordable
  • Reduce engine sound


  • The bottle does not have an API seal on them.

10. Mobil Super Motor Oil

Mobil Super 96819 15W

Key Features

  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Superior Low-temperature sludge control
  • Control high temp deposits

Our Review:

Mobil Super Motor Oil is an oil that will make sure your engine will function at its best. It will increase the life of your engine and will prevent the oxidation of your oil.

This is an exceptional product that helps in reducing your oil consumption and also cleans out impurities and dirt from your engine and it can even lighten your engine in a matter of months. You don’t need to pay for expensive filter cartridges anymore.

It is specially formulated to meet the needs of the new generation of high-performance engines. These engines can withstand extreme temperatures that are much higher than the previous generations.

In addition, the oil helps engines to be more powerful with increased horsepower ratings and also makes them capable of sustaining longer and harder miles without any degradation.

This product has been specially developed to prevent oil oxidation and provide maximum protection against low-temperature deposits. Also, it has been developed in collaboration with a leading engine manufacturer to ensure that it works perfectly in your vehicle.

Furthermore, this oil doesn’t clog up your engine, and it also prevents oil oxidation that usually occurs after the engine has been running for a long period. It is also formulated to prevent any kind of contamination inside your fuel injectors.

This oil comes in a convenient and lightweight bottle that you can easily carry around with you while you’re running. So it can be easily poured into the engine at the pump when you fill up your car.

One of the most beneficial things about this oil is that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that could damage your engine. You can refill your tank in less than 15 minutes with this oil.


  • Prevent oil oxidation
  • Cleans out impurities from the engine
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient bottle packaging


  • None

Best Oil for 7.3 Power Stroke – Buying Guide

While purchasing the best oil for a 7.3 power stroke engine, there are many attributes to consider and some of them are very confusing.

So, we have listed the most important factors that you need to look at when purchasing the best oil for 7.3 power stroke. So you need to make sure that you consider the following things.

Oxidation resistance:

This is one of the important factors that you need to consider while buying the best oil for a 7.3 power stroke. The oil should have high oxidation resistance and it should have a high flashpoint.

The oil will deteriorate quickly if it is not resistant to oxidation. It will also become thick and gummy and it will become less fluid. This will lead to clogging of the oil filter and it will reduce the efficiency of the engine. So you are going to operate your engine in extreme conditions, you should opt for the oil that has high flashpoint.


The cost of the oil is one of the major factors that you need to consider while buying the best oil for a 7.3 power stroke. The expensive oil will cost you to spend more money on it. So you should always go for the oil that is economical, and cost-effective so you will easily afford this.

Anti-wear properties:

Another important factor that you need to consider while buying the best oil for a 7.3 power stroke is anti-wear properties. The oil should have anti-wear properties. It helps in reducing the friction and it helps in preventing the formation of varnish. It also helps in improving the engine life.

If the oil is not good at controlling wear then It will lead to excessive wear. This will increase the cost of operation of the engine. It will also reduce the efficiency of the engine. That’s why make sure that the oil has anti-wear properties.


You need to consider the viscosity of the oil while buying the best oil for a 7.3 power stroke. The oil should have low to moderate viscosity. If the oil is too thick, then it will not flow easily in the engine.

This will lead to cause problems like low-temperature operation and sludge. While if the oil is too thin, it will not provide the best protection to the engine. This will result in the engine being prone to wear.

So the recommended viscosity for the oil is 5w-40 to 10w-50, it will allow the oil to pump easily. So make sure that the oil that you are buying is within this range.

Anti-foaming ability:

The last important factor that you need to consider while buying the best oil for a 7.3 power stroke. The oil should have anti-foaming properties. It will allow the oil to drain well from the engine. So make sure that the oil has anti-foaming properties.

Ash Content:

You must consider the ash content of the oil while buying the best oil for a 7.3 power stroke. The oil that has a high content of ash will increase the friction and it will lead to the formation of varnish.

Whereas, the oil that has low ash content will help in preventing the formation of varnish. It will also help in preventing the engine from being damaged. So you should go for the oil with low ash content.


Final Verdict:

To choose the best oil for 7.3 power stroke, there are a lot of factors that you must consider. It should be based on the engine type, economical, and cost-effective.

It should have high flashpoint, anti-wear properties, low viscosity, low ash content, and good anti-foaming properties. So make sure to follow all the instructions that are given to you while choosing the best oil for the 7.3 power stroke.

Hence we have created this article with all these points to make sure that you do not have to look further.

So after having tested each oil for a 7.3 power stroke, we would recommend Shell Rotella Full Synthetic Oil.

This oil provides maximum protection and durability to the engine. It is also a very good lubricant and it is also affordable. It also helps in preventing the formation of varnish and it also helps in preventing the formation of sludge.

We hope that this article has helped you to make the right decision. If you have any questions regarding this article, then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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