Best Oil For 6.0 Powerstroke Engine

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If you have a diesel truck or SUV, then you’re probably familiar with the 6.0 Powerstroke engine. It’s a proven performer that’s ideal for any off-road vehicle. But with all the hype surrounding these engines, you may have a few questions. 

What oil should I use? The most common oil in an engine is synthetic oil. It’s a mixture of lubricants that are blended to create a smooth oil that’s easy to clean and maintain. 

The oil is designed to protect the engine from the damaging effects of heat and friction. Synthetic oil is also more resistant to extreme temperatures. It’s more durable and will last longer.

But How do you know which oil is the best for your vehicle? this is a very common question. There are thousands of different oils on the market, and it can be hard to choose the best oil for your engine. That’s why we’ve researched and rounded up the top 10 synthetic motor oil for 6.0 Powerstroke engines.

Best Oil For 6.0 Powerstroke – Our Top 10 Picks

If you have a 6.0 Power Stroke engine and you need to get it oiled, then you want to be careful. The wrong oil could void your warranty, and if you do a poor job of oiling, then you may end up damaging your engine. 

It’s not hard to do, but it’s not easy either. that’s why we went and looked for the best oil for 6.0 engines and compiled a list of the best ones available today. So you can make sure you’re getting the best oil for your engine.

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1. Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil

Mobil 1 - 153669 Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-40 5

Key Features

  • Control oxidation
  • Prevent oil breakdown
  • Keep the engine running like new

Our Review:

The Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil is high-quality engine oil that provides superior performance when it comes to maintaining your vehicle’s engine. It comes with a 0w-40  weight grade that will ensure you get the best performance out of your engine.

The oil has been specially formulated to prevent oil degradation while also keeping the engine running. It also prevents breakdown and improves your engine’s ability to withstand higher operating temperatures.

It has a special additive that prevents deposits that cause sludge and varnish build-up on the engine. It also provides better fuel economy and lower emissions. This particular oil is formulated with special ingredients that help to extend the life of your engine by extending the engine’s oil change interval.

Additionally, this oil is made up of 100% synthetic oil that provides the best possible lubrication to keep your engine working smoothly and efficiently. It helps prevents it from wearing out faster than normal and also reduces the friction between the piston rings and the cylinder walls.

This product is known to improve the engine’s cooling system, prevent the formation of sludge, and keep the engine clean. It also helps prevent the occurrence of gums, and varnish.

This oil will also maintain excellent viscosity so you won’t have to worry about your engine’s performance. That’s why this oil is suitable for most vehicles and its compatibility is tested in all major oil-changing centers across the world. There are no issues reported with this oil by the oil manufacturers.

As for the performance of your engine, you’ll get up to 20% more miles per gallon than other products, and you’ll also get up to 30% fewer carbon emissions. 

You will get great mileage out of your vehicle if you use this oil.  So if you are a professional driver or a racer and you are looking for great racing oil, this is a great choice for you.


  • Helps to prevent deposits
  • Amazing engine wear protection
  • Better friction reduction
  • Excellent mileage


  • Expensive

2. Liqui Moly Synthetic Motor Oil

Liqui Moly 2041 Premium

Key Features

  • Avoid thinning at a high temp
  • Protection against the oxidative thickening
  • Rapid circulation

Our Review:

Liqui Moly Synthetic Motor Oil works as a lubricant by combining its superior properties with the latest technology. This product has been engineered to enhance the engine durability of your car and protect it from damage.

It is also a reliable lubricant that keeps your engine running smoothly in cold weather conditions. It doesn’t clog your air filter and provides protection. This lubricant works as a protection layer for your engine to prevent it from overheating and burning. 

In terms of cleaning, you can use this oil by spraying some onto your engine. It should also be easy to clean from the engine when needed. It also removes soot and carbon buildup from your engine and filters to maintain the optimal level of oil for your engines.

Furthermore, the oil has powerful antioxidants that will prevent any oxidation problems and also protects the engine against oxidative thickening when the temperature is high. Therefore, this oil can protect your engine from wear and scuffing from exposure to the elements for a long time.

It comes in a small 128-ounce bottle that reduces oil churning for a better lube distribution so you can easily take it with you on your next car trip.

The product has a  5w-40 oil viscosity and a low ash content that provides better fuel economy. You can use this oil in both automatic transmission and manual transmission models.

It’s also known for being anti-corrosive and is capable of preventing the formation of thick layers of sediment or sludge. So you can use it to protect your transmission and engine from the corrosive effects of road salt and sand.

The oil will also purify the engine within 5 seconds after you start your vehicle, and it’s easy to apply to your engine using a funnel. You can also apply it through the dipstick tube when you’re on your way to work or school So you should get this one for your vehicle.


  • Improve engine durability
  • Minimal sludge
  • Reduce wear and scuffing
  • Lubricates quickly in cold weather


  • None

3. Archoil AR9100 Oil

Archoil AR9100

Key Features

  • Reduce wear and tear
  • Eliminates hard cold start issues
  • 7.3L and 6.0L Powerstroke injectors can be fixed
  • Keep the engine clean

Our Review:

The Archoil AR9100 Oil is made up of high-quality mineral oils that will work as a life extension product for your vehicle.

This oil is very effective for keeping your engine in good condition, and it will allow your engine to run for a longer period without having to replace it.

Another reason why this oil is so good is that it will limit the noise and heat that your engine makes, which will reduce vibrations that can lead to costly repairs.

One of the best things about this oil is that it can be used for all types of engines whether it’s a diesel, gasoline, or even a natural gas engine. It will keep your engine clean by absorbing all the harmful elements that would otherwise cause wear and tear in your engine.

It is a multipurpose oil that can be used for a variety of different applications including the power steering systems of 6.0 L and 7.3 L power stroke engines. It offers an anti-freeze/coolant additive that works as a thermal blanket to protect the cooling system from the extreme temperatures of the engine.

The reason why this oil is so popular is that it can help eliminate the hard cold starts and the oil pressure drops that come with it. Moreover, the oil has been tested and approved by several renowned organizations and it has been proven to be the best choice among all the other oils available on the market. It is not only good for the engine but it also helps to reduce the noise caused by the engine.

The oil is an extremely versatile product and works very well for those who use a car with a power steering system. It increases oil drain intervals and keeps the engine clean. The viscosity of the oil will change depending on the temperature of the engine so it will keep the engine in optimal working condition. 

The only downside of this oil is that it does not provide much mileage when compared to the other brands. However, this oil is still the best choice available in the market and is a recommended one for anyone looking for a safe and reliable oil for their power stroke.


  • Suitable for power steering systems
  • Reduce engine noise, heat, and vibration
  • Extend the life of engine components
  • Increase oil drain intervals


  • Fuel mileage is not so good

4. Motul Synthetic Engine Oil

Motul ford oil

Key Features

  • Maximum oil resistance at high temperatures
  • Modifies friction
  • Low volatility

Our Review:

The Motul Synthetic Engine Oil is designed to maximize horsepower and torque as well as minimize the risk of mechanical failure.

This oil has a combination of properties that help reduce engine wear to provide maximum power output, especially for engines that are used in off-road applications. In addition, it helps to decrease operating temperatures by reducing friction in the engine. 

The best thing about Motul Synthetic Engine Oil is that it lasts a long time. You don’t have to worry about refilling it every few months.

This product is designed for turbocharged, supercharged, and nitrous-powered vehicles that require consistent horsepower and torque. The main benefits of this oil include its high sheer stability that helps to provide ideal lubrication.

Synthetic oil is very easy to apply and maintain because it requires no heat or agitation before use. You just need to add the recommended amount into the engine’s fuel tank and start the engine.

The main ingredient in this Motul Synthetic Engine Oil is Motul 6004, which is a high viscosity product that will help keep your engine lubricated during all conditions.

Although this oil doesn’t provide any special protection against water and oil, it does a great job at cleaning up and maintaining the engine.

This oil will help improve the performance of your engine while keeping it running cooler. It can also help increase the life of your engine by reducing friction. The only downside of this oil is that it is not suitable for HFI (Hybrid Fuel Injected) engines. But still, we would recommend that you go ahead with this oil, it will give you great performance.


  • High shear stability
  • Provides maximum power output
  • Decrease operating temp
  • Reduce engine wear


  • Not good for HFI engines

5. Shell Rotella Engine Oil

Shell Rotella

Key Features

  • Improves low-temperature flow
  • Wear protection for longer life
  • Better cold cranking

Our Review:

The Shell Rotella Engine Oil is a multipurpose lubricant that can be used on various engines and transmissions.

It also enhances cold-cranking ability, which improves the performance of the engine when you need to get it going at lower temperatures.

This high-performance oil helps to reduce friction and provides maximum engine protection and reliability. It also improves cold start and cold-running capability that make the Shell Rotella Engine Oil suitable for a variety of cars and trucks.

After testing we have found that excellent oils also feature an advanced low ash formulation to prevent the sludge and corrosion and also decrease the emission from heavy-duty vehicles The low ash property will make sure that the engine does not create high levels of soot.

The oil also has a multifunctional additive that improves wear protection and will also reduce the need to change the oil filter after you run your engine for several years. This will decrease your maintenance cost as well as will allow your engine to last much longer. 

In addition, the oil is designed with the latest technology to help increase the fuel economy of your vehicle and it has been developed in a way that provides the best results at lower temperatures.

The lubricant also offers low viscosity at normal operating temperatures, and it has a high viscosity index, making it ideal for use in diesel engines. With this oil, you will get better mileage than with traditional oils.

You need to remember that Shell Rotella Engine Oil is not recommended for use in dry clutches. As such, if your car has an extremely dry clutch, then you can try another oil instead of using Shell Rotella.


  • Multifunctional dispersant additives
  • Fuel economy increased by 1.5%
  • Low temp pumpability
  • Advanced low ash formulation


  • Might cause issues with dry clutch application

6. Valvoline Premium Engine Oil

Valvoline Premium Blue

Key Features

  • One solution technology
  • Maximum oxidation resistance
  • High viscosity

Our Review:

This Valvoline Premium Engine Oil has been specially formulated to maximize the performance of your heavy-duty engine.

It contains a special additive that helps maintain lubrication even in extreme conditions and protects your engine from damage.

We like the fact that the oil also helps prevent engine deposits and protects your engine from wear. With its 3 gallons of liquid capacity, you can easily apply the required amount of oil to your engine.

You will need to change the oil every 2,000 miles (3,280 km) for optimal performance. The best part of this oil is that it can withstand harsh conditions such as heat and corrosion.

The bottle is easy to use as you don’t need a funnel to pour it. The pump and bottle are also durable which makes it easy to dispense the oil. The top lid of this bottle is made of soft plastic that is easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance. This oil also protects the engine from heat, oxidation, and contaminants.

It also has a superior wear protection system that is capable of protecting your engine from abrasive wear. So it will make your engine stay healthy and running smoothly even after years of use.

We were impressed that this premium oil with excellent oil life, but there’s a slight problem with the packaging of the oil. The oil in the bottle has been leaked and it’s not something that you can easily overlook. So if you are a newbie then you must keep in mind that this is a highly-rated product that is meant to last you for a long time, so make sure that you don’t waste it.


  • Ensures long oil life in heavy-duty engines
  • Superior wear protection
  • 3 gallons liquid volume
  • Provide excellent longevity


  • The bottle was leaked

7. Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil

Royal Purple 44154 04154

Key Features

  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Excellent wear protection
  • 15w-40 viscosity

Our Review:

Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil is a premium brand of synthetic motor oil developed to deliver better fuel economy.

The product is compatible with fuels containing up to 15% of ethanol. It is also safe for your vehicle’s emission system.

This high-quality oil will secure your engine and keep it healthy. It contains a unique blend of synthetics that helps to protect against premature wear. It is also safe for your catalytic emission system.

Also, this product is 100% compatible with your 6.0 Power Stroke engine and will provide all the essential performance properties like low smoke, good cleanliness, and lubrication.

In fact, this oil is pretty much suitable for any type of fuel without any complications. The synthetic formulation of this motor oil is made up of high-quality additives and lubricant base oils to give you an excellent performance.

It also contains anti-corrosive agents to protect your engine from corrosion and prevent engine damage. The engine oil comes with a thick protective layer of rust and corrosion inhibitors that save your vehicle catalytic converter from clogging up and deteriorating.

Furthermore, this motor oil is highly durable and has a lifetime warranty so if you’re looking for cheap motor oil for your car then this is the best oil you could get.

After testing, we have found that the fuel efficiency of this motor oil is incredible and will save you a lot of money in the long run. You can get this oil at very affordable prices which makes this oil a must-have for any serious motorist.

All in all, Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil is an excellent choice for people who have a 6.0 Powerstroke engine and want to improve their fuel efficiency.


  • Compatible with fuels containing ethanol
  • Suitable for expensive catalytic emission systems
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Durable


  • None

8. Chevron Delo Synthetic Motor Oil

Delo 39146 400

Key Features

  • For optimum combustion pressure, keep the piston clean and free
  • Reduces valve and piston crown deposits
  • Avoid filter plugging

Our Review:

Chevron Synthetic Motor Oil has a high level of ingredients that decrease the chance of filter plugging.

This oil is designed to keep the pistons clean and free of deposits. These deposits can cause piston crown land damage and the use of this oil will eliminate these deposits to help improve the working of the engine.

It comes with a high level of ashless dispersants, these are a type of detergents that work to minimize the formation of carbonaceous elements by dissolving them and keeping them away from the surface of the engine components. They also help to keep valves free of contaminants and also prevent the buildup of sludge on the engine to make it work smoothly.

In working on, this oil will reduce wear on pistons and valves. It’s an economical choice for people looking for high-performance and long-lasting motor oil.

The oil also includes high levels of friction modifiers and antioxidants to protect the oil against oxidation, and light and heat damage.

This oil provides long-lasting lubrication to the moving parts of your engine and minimizes friction between the metal parts of the engine.

This oil is good for people who want to get the most out of their engine. But if you are not using it for your car, then don’t waste money on this product because it’s expensive and you will not get any more benefits from it.

This oil also helps prevent air entrapment inside the engine which prevents air from getting into the combustion chamber which can lead to a loss of power. Thus, it improves engine efficiency and performance.


  • Dispersants with a high level of ashless
  • Fits naturally aspirated 6.0 Powerstroke diesel engines
  • Prevent the entrapment of air
  • Ashless dispersants at high levels


  • Expensive

9. Ford Genuine Motor Oil

Ford Genuine XO

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Unique additive technology
  • No oil consumption

Our Review:

Ford Genuine Motor Oil is a premium motor oil that has been formulated specifically to meet the stringent fuel-injection engine emission standards. The oil helps reduce emissions by improving combustion and also improves cold-starting capability.

The bottle of this product is large, which means that you will have enough amount of oil to last you for a long time. The viscosity of this oil is 15W-40, which is perfect for any kind of engine application. 

This oil also contains a special additive that helps prevent deposit formation, which is caused by carbon. This additive is used to improve combustion efficiency and reduce deposits. It provides a high level of protection from corrosion and provides the required viscosity for the recommended lubrication levels.

Moreover, the oil is made up of a premium grade base oil that helps in providing better protection against internal engine wear. The oil also contains special ingredients that work to improve power, reduce emissions, extend the life of internal engine components, and enhance the overall performance of your car and truck.

In terms of quality, the oil also meets API Service Category 5 standard and is a good fit for both diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles. 

This oil is light in weight and helps keep engine parts cool, thus improving fuel efficiency. The only problem is that if you have an engine equipped with a catalyst (commonly found in the newer Ford models), then this oil would not be able to meet the requirements for use in that model. So you should check your owner’s manual before using this product in your engine.


  • An ultra-premium hydro processed base oil
  • MeetsAPI service category
  • 160-ounce fluid volume
  • 15w-40 fluid viscosity


  • Not compatible with gasoline engines equipped with catalysts

10. Schaeffer Maanufacturing Co. Engine oil

Schaeffer Manufacturing Co. 9000-012S Supreme 9000 Full Synthetic Engine Oil

Key Features

  • In cold weather, quickly lubricated
  • Improves engine durability
  • Does not affect fuel economy
  • Performs engine cleaning

Our Review:

The Schaeffer Manufacturing Company’s oil for 6.0 power stroke is another high-quality oil that can work wonders on your engine.

It has been formulated with the finest grade of micron polymers that are blended into the oil to prevent sludge, soot, and carbon buildup. 

The oil works by providing a clean engine and minimizing friction, which in turn, reduces wear and tear on your engine. It also helps to protect your engine from the damages caused by overheating so it is a great oil for any type of vehicle that runs on gasoline.

This oil is designed to improve engine durability and maximize the life of your engine, and it does that by providing quick lubrication.

The best thing about this oil is that it is 100% safe for your vehicle because it doesn’t contain any harmful additives like benzene, which can damage your engine

The oil also features reliable and secure packaging. It is a good thing to get a product like this because it is a premium item, so if you don’t receive it, then there is a chance that you will be getting a counterfeit product.

This oil is formulated using state-of-the-art technology and is carefully developed to meet the needs of diesel engines that have been subjected to extreme heat and pressure. It will also help you achieve smooth and trouble-free operation of your 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel Engine

The oil also helps to remove deposits on intake and exhaust systems. It will also increase the performance of your engine and it will help to stabilize the temperature of your engine.

The best part of this product is that it performs engine cleaning, and it does not affect the fuel economy. That’s why when you need to clean your bike engine in cold weather, you don’t have to worry about any damage and you must consider this oil for your vehicle.


  • Reduce friction with micron poly and penetrate
  • Secure packaging
  • A reliable oil
  • Reduce sludge, soot, and carbon buildup


  • None
synthetic motor oil for 6.0 Powerstroke engines

Best Oil For 6.0 Powerstroke – Buying Guide

When purchasing the best oil for 6.0 Powerstroke, there are many factors to consider and some of them are very confusing. That’s why we have listed the most important factors that you need to look at when purchasing the best oil for 6.0 Powerstroke. 

So you need to make sure that you consider the following things.


The viscosity of the oil is an important factor that affects the performance of the engine. The oil that has a higher viscosity is better for cold-starting the engine. If the oil is too thick, then it will not flow easily in the engine. 

This will lead to problems like low-temperature operation and sludge. On the other hand, if the oil is too thin, then it will not provide the best protection to the engine. This will result in the engine being prone to wear. 

So you should look for a viscosity that is between 10w-30 to 10w-50,  as it is the most popular viscosity among most engines and will provide you with the optimal performance of the engine.


Volatility is the amount of vapor produced when the oil is heated.  The oil will produce more vapor if the oil has high volatility, then it will produce more vapor. 

This will lead to a loss of oil. This will lead to a loss of oil. You should consider an oil that has volatility of less than 15 percent so that you can avoid the loss of oil.


When choosing oil you should look for the additives that are present in the oil. The additives that are added to the oil help in keeping the engine clean and will also help in preventing the engine from rusting. Make sure to look for an oil that has a lower ash content. This will help in keeping the engine clean.

Ash Content:

Another most important factor that you must consider while buying oil for a 6.0 power stroke is ash content. Ash is a term that refers to the number of impurities that are present in the oil. 

The oil with a low ash content will not create soot. On the other hand, the oil with a high ash content will create soot. This will lead to a loss of engine performance and will also cause problems like oil leaks.


You should also consider the price of the oil. The cheap oil will not last long. You should look for an oil that has of good quality and is also priced reasonably. So that you can save money and still get the best oil for your engine. This will help in keeping the engine in good condition.


Final Verdict:

Having the best oil for 6.0 Powerstroke, there are a lot of factors that you must consider. It should be based on the engine type, viscosity, volatility, additives, ash content, price, and how often you should change the oil. 
If you want to choose the best oil for your 6.0 Powerstroke, make sure to follow all the instructions given to you.

Hence we have created this article with all these points to make sure that you do not have to look further. So after having tested each oil for 6.0 Powerstroke, we would recommend Motul Synthetic Engine Oil. 

This oil has a great viscosity and will help in keeping the engine clean and will also help in preventing the engine from rusting. It also has a low ash content and is also priced reasonably. 

So if you are looking for the reliable oil for a 6.0  Powerstroke, then make sure to choose Motul Synthetic Engine Oil.

We hope that this article has helped you to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right oil for a 6.0 Powerstroke. If you have any queries regarding this article, then you can comment below.

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