How to Use Cataclean Catalytic Converter Cleaner

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Before you decide to change your catalytic converter, the first thing that you should do is clean it up. One product that can help you in cleaning up your catalytic converter is Cataclean catalytic converter cleaner.

Cataclean Catalytic Converter Cleaner is a revolutionary product that can help your vehicle to pass the emissions test easily.

If your catalytic converter needs to be changed you should not just change it without cleaning it. The reason behind this is that you will end up in the same situation you were in before again. Luckily, a Cataclean catalytic converter cleaner exists to help you eliminate this issue.

Your vehicle’s catalytic converter is a device that turns the toxic exhaust fumes coming out from the engine into less harmful ones. But when it goes bad, it affects directly your vehicle’s engine as well as the environment.

This article takes a step-by-step procedure on how to use Cataclean for your vehicle to keep it in excellent condition.

How to Use Cataclean Catalytic Converter Cleaner?

Using Cataclean is a process that is relatively easy and does not require any expertise, so you don’t have to pay a mechanic to do the job. Using Cataclean will help your vehicle restore its original quality and performance. Here are some tips to help you in using this liquid cleaner:

First, you have to inspect your catalytic converter. You should do it regularly at least once every 5000 miles or one month. The inspection may help you catch your vehicle’s problems in time so that they wouldn’t grow bigger and harder to be fixed later on. If there are carbon deposits found on the surface of your catalytic converter, you should immediately clean it up using a cataclean catalytic converter cleaner.

Once you have cleaned the deposits off your catalytic converter, make sure to flush out it’s inside with Cataclean cleaner. Take a funnel and put several drops of cataclean solution on it. Then insert the funnel in your vehicle’s fuel tank and pour the solution into the converter directly.

Cataclean converter is very efficient in eliminating bad odors inside your vehicle’s fuel tank. After flushing out the catalytic converter, you can also flush out the fuel tank as well by using a cataclean converter cleaner. This will keep your car smelling fresh inside.

Similarly, you can use Cataclean for cleaning up the engine as well. When you clean your catalytic converter, make sure that the cleaner doesn’t get into your car’s engine. If it happens to be a small amount of cataclean liquid cleaner, it is okay, but your car may not run properly if you pour too much of it into the engine.

To clear out your vehicle’s fuel tank and engine effectively, you need to put some amount of Cataclean liquid cleaner into both the tank and the engine. You can do this by taking a funnel as before and pouring the solution slowly. After pouring, drive your vehicle for approximately 5 minutes to make sure the solution will be distributed evenly inside your car’s engine and fuel tank. After that, stop your car and let it sit still for 30 minutes or more before checking if the catalytic converter is clean after flushing out.

Note: In case Cataclean does not work on your vehicle, you may want to take your car for regular servicing to check if the catalytic converter needs to be changed or not.

How to Choose the Right Catalyst Cleaner

Ultimately, choosing a good catalyst cleaner will depend on your needs and the kind of car you have. Numerous factors have to be considered to choose the right catalyst cleaner:

Step 1: You should understand the kind of car you have. If your vehicle is a truck or any other large vehicle, you need to choose a particular product that can be used in trucks. The reason behind this is that each type of vehicle needs a different application procedure to achieve the best results.

Step 2: Before buying catalyst cleaner, look for information on its components. Most of the products are well-made and thus, you will find it written on the label what ingredients are contained in them. If you feel satisfied with those contents, then go ahead to buy that product.

Step 3: It is always better if you can ask for references about catalyst cleaner from your friends and families who have used it in the past. If they are satisfied with its performance, then you may want to take a closer look at that product or brand.

On the other hand, if they have negative comments about it, then some research on other brands is highly recommended. You should also make sure that the product comes with at least 90% of active ingredients.

Step 4: Check if it can be used in aluminum engines. Most of the products are safe for use on any kind of engine, but it is still better to check for yourself.

Step 5: Make sure that the catalyst cleaner you buy has storage instructions included with it. You should follow those instructions carefully so that your product will stay as effective as the first time you bought it.

Step 6: If you intend to use a catalyst cleaner on your vehicle, make sure that its name contains the words cat or converter. This way, you will know for sure just by looking at the product that it is meant specifically for catalytic converters. You can also look for those products that contain the words cleaner or fuel additive.

Step 7: If you wish to save some money, you can always purchase catalyst cleaners in bulk from a wholesaler. Generally, they offer lower prices for their products but make sure that this kind of product has a reasonable amount of active ingredients inside it.

What are the benefits of using Cataclean Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Here are some benefits of using Cataclean Catalytic Converter Cleaner.

  1. Cataclean Catalytic Converter Cleaner prevents clogging of the catalytic converter

It can help keep the vehicle’s engine from being clogged up by removing unwanted deposits. It dissolves and removes carbon build-ups as well as cleans any kind of petroleum residue present in the system. This is very important, especially for those who use their vehicles in areas with a lot of gasoline fumes.

It will keep the catalytic converter clean to avoid more problems from happening in the future. Most importantly, it will protect your vehicle’s engine as well.

  1. Cataclean can be used with all types of cars and engines

The product is safe to use for all kinds of vehicles, whether they are gas-driven or diesel. It will work effectively without causing any problem at all when it comes to your car’s engine.

There are a lot of products in the market that you can use for cleaning the gasoline residue and oil deposits off your car but Cataclean is different from them because it is very effective in its job.

  1. Cataclean is highly recommended by car experts and professionals

There are many people who trust this product because it not only cleans the engine but also improves its performance. It will keep your vehicle running smoothly for a long time, making sure that you can use it for longer periods without having to worry about it breaking up anytime soon.

  1. Cataclean is very safe for use

The manufacturer of the product also made sure that it will not do any harm to your car in the process of cleaning and repairing it. It is an environment-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable product that anyone can use to protect their vehicle’s engine.

  1. Cataclean is easy to use and apply

The product is very simple to use because it does not require any special care or process to make sure that it would work effectively in cleaning your car’s converter. You can either spray the product directly into your car’s engine or put it in a fuel tank. It will provide optimum performance in cleaning and protecting your vehicle’s engine from any kind of problem.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Cataclean is a revolutionary product that will help you solve all the problems of your vehicle concerning the catalytic converter. By following the steps above carefully, you can restore your car to its original conditions with little effort and money spent. Cataclean Catalytic Converter Cleaner is an excellent way to clean out your car’s catalytic converter, tank, and engine for you to have a smooth ride again.

It is important to take your car for regular servicing to let an expert determine if other problems should be taken care of before changing the catalytic converter or just cleaning it up using Cataclean.

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