6 Best Exhaust System for GMC Sierra

Exhaust systems are designed to channel gases produced by the engine away from the vehicle. They also provide breathing room for upgrades like superchargers, turbochargers, and nitrous oxide kits.

The Best Exhaust system for GMC Sierra is stainless steel. This material gives them a deep, rich sound and can withstand higher temperatures than other materials. Stainless steel is sturdy and rust-resistant so it will last a long time.

There are several types of exhaust systems available in the market. The commonest and cheapest among them is a bolt-on kit. This is the least expensive way to get an exhaust system for your vehicle.

You can simply buy and install it without much ado, but this type of kit might not be that effective and lack some good features that make your driving experience much better.

On the other hand, a custom-fit exhaust system will add to the performance of your car and make it feel lighter when you drive it at high speeds.

A custom-fit system can be considered a bit expensive option, but you’ll get benefits that are well worth the price.

Best Exhaust System for GMC Sierra – Our Top 6 Picks

If you take your GMC Sierra to an auto shop, they will be able to install an exhaust system like this properly so that it still maintains certain standards and ensures that you will not void your warranty.

Based upon our comprehensive research and review of the products we have finalized our top 6 picks. The detailed description of each of the selected products is as follows:

1. Flowmaster 817689 Exhaust System

Flowmaster 817689 Outlaw Stainless Steel Aggressive Sound Cat-Back Exhaust System

Key Features

  • Deep Throaty Growl
  • Ups Horsepower and Torque
  • Stainless Steel Construction

The Flowmaster 817689 Outlaw Stainless Steel Aggressive Sound Cat-Back Exhaust System is an excellent option for those looking to make their car sound mean and powerful.

The stainless-steel exhaust provides a deep, throaty growl that will turn heads wherever you go. The sleek design features mandrel-bent tubes combined with high-quality materials including 304 grade DOM tubing.

This Best Exhaust System for GMC Sierra offers a powerful, long-lasting sound that will make your car louder than ever before.

It also ups horsepower and torque by up to ten percent while keeping Forced Induction’s natural characteristics intact for maximum performance.

The resonator tip muffler allows the high-pitched frequencies from exhaust notes to escape without being too overwhelming on lower RPM ranges so you can hear yourself.

This exhaust system is a great way to give your ride an extra kick in the pants. This high-quality system will not only increase your engine’s power but also provide you with deeper tones and louder sounds that are sure to raise some eyebrows on public roads.

This exhaust system is meant to make a statement and this one does just that. It features stainless steel construction, giving it weight off the engine without sacrificing any power or sound quality as you ride through town at high speeds.

This exhaust system has a sleek black finish and ceramic tips and above all, it comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

However, this exhaust system is subject to corrosion and rusting over time, when not handled with proper care.


  • Sleek Black Finish
  • Ceramic Tips
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


  • Subject to corrosion and rusting over time

2. BORLA 140572 Exhaust System

BORLA 140572 Cat-Back Exhaust

Key Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Powerful Tone and Deep Rumble Sound
  • Great Fuel Efficiency

This exhaust system from BORLA is perfect for any driver who wants to take their Chevy or GMC Sierra 1500 up a notch.

It’s easy enough that even someone with no automotive experience will be able to install this without complications.

This Special Exhaust System for GMC Sierra has such a powerful tone and deep rumble sound coming out during acceleration that it’ll give any car lover the sense of satisfaction they need while making those around them aware of how much power resides under their hood.

In need of a new exhaust system for your Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra 1500? This exhaust system is perfect because it improves performance and sounds great too.

The system includes 112 cube cuts per minute to get your engine juiced up with extra torque, while still maintaining great fuel efficiency.

This exhaust system is the perfect addition to your truck. This exhaust not only sounds great but also has sleek lines and an elegant design that will enhance its appearance without being overdone or flashy like some other aftermarket parts can be.

With dimensions of 33 cm L x 154.94 cm W, this unit comes in at just over 60 lbs. making it easy on shipment scales as well so shipping shouldn’t pose any hassle whatsoever when ordering one from the USA.

However, the sound of this exhaust system is quite disgusting. It has an electronic growl that doesn’t quit even when you turn the key off and start driving again, which can be a little annoying.


  • 112 Cube Cuts Per Minute
  • Sleek Lines and an Elegant Design
  • Hassle-Free


  • Quite disgusting noise on startup

3. MagnaFlow Exhaust System 15267

MagnaFlow Cat-Back

Key Features

  • Increased Horsepower Rating
  • Provides Deep V8 Rumble
  • Built with Corrosion Resistance Technology

MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 15267 is for truck enthusiasts who want an increased horsepower rating with little to no increase in exhaust noise.

This Reliable Exhaust System for GMC Sierra has a single passenger side rear exit with 2 muffler options to fit any need.

The pipes have been designed specifically with Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 in mind, so you can enjoy that deep V8 rumble while still maintaining good cabin manners.

Do you want your car to be at the top of its game? If so, this exhaust will give it all. It’s 50 state legal and proven dyno-tested power in mind for those who drive hard.

This cat-back exhaust system is developed to optimize power and efficiency. MagnaFlow has invested in high-tech scanning technology that will allow them to ensure that this exhaust system is a perfect fit and performs at an optimal level.

Engineered for long-lasting performance, this exhaust system is built with corrosion resistance and quality in mind. The robotic CNC manufacturing process guarantees a perfect fit without any unnecessary gaps or rattles.

The stainless-steel construction of this exhaust system ensures an elegant look to make it stand out on any vehicle.

The Sierra exhaust system from a trustworthy manufacturer might be the perfect fit for you. Enjoy worry-free ownership knowing that this product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

However, one of the most common complaints about this exhaust system is the flapper valves which are quite annoying and hard to use.


  • 2 Muffler Options
  • Proven Dyno-Tested Power
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Objections regarding flapper valve operation

4. Borla (140537) Exhaust System

Borla (140537)

Key Features

  • Enhanced Performance
  • Add Muscle Behind your Engine
  • Extra Outlet for even Better Airflow

The Borla (140537) Exhaust System is easy to install, and an affordable way of getting the exhaust you crave. It comes with everything needed for installation including a 2-piece hi-flow catalytic converter that will replace your old inefficient one.

The output sounds like you have all sorts of go kits available depending on what type of truck or car you are installing it onto – but also says it’s good if you are looking into performance parts too because your vehicle deserves nothing less.

This Best Exhaust System for GMC Sierra is a great way to add some muscle to your engine. The 2.75″ Inlet and 2.25″ Outlet ensure that more air can be drawn into the system, while also preventing any backpressure with an extra outlet for even better flow.

It is the perfect system for your Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra. This mufflerless exhaust will give you that mean-sounding engine while staying true to its style with a sleek black finish on both tips and pipe assemblies.

This exhaust system is designed to fit any car or truck and is made in the US. The weight of this 152 cm x 34.29 h x 41 656 w unit (in centimeters, pounds, and kilograms) comes out to just over 54 lbs., making it perfect for those who want their ride weighed down with style.

However, most truck owners don’t know where to find clamps since this exhaust system doesn’t come pre-equipped with them.


  • Includes 2-Piece Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter
  • Designed to Fit any Car or Truck
  • Smoothly Weighted Ride


  • Doesn’t come equipped with clamps

5. FLOWMASTER Exhaust System Kit 717787


Key Features

  • Provides Extra Boost to your Vehicle
  • Enhances the Appearance of your Vehicle
  • Efficient Power Delivery

The FLOWMASTER Cat-Back Doss Exhaust System Kit 717787 is a great way to increase horsepower and torque in your vehicle.

A cat-back exhaust system kit for your diesel truck? Sounds weird at first, but this product will give you the boost you need to take on any job.

This Best Exhaust System for GMC Sierra is a sleek and functional way to enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

The sound that it produces when you turn on its powerful processor motor sounds like nothing else, giving an entirely new meaning for what it means to be sleek.

It comes with everything needed to replace those stock rubber pipes which can get loud in certain situations but still sound boxy at others.

This exhaust system kit is a great way to dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of your ride.

It features an advanced design that allows for efficient power delivery, without compromising on sound output or muffled tones.

Get peace of mind when you install this powerful 120 horsepower intake manifold with its dual 3-inch diameter pipes made from 304 stainless steel material.

This exhaust system kit is a universal fit for all cars with an exhaust pipe. The 19.3 kilograms package weight makes it easier to install than many other kits, so you won’t need help from anyone else but yourself.

Its most effective when driving at slower speeds however, this exhaust system drones on the highway in V4 mode causing unbalancing which can be quite dangerous.


  • Universal Fit for Automobiles
  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel Material
  • Easy Installation Process


  • Buzzes in V4 mode at highway speeds

6. Rough Country Dual Exhaust System

Rough Country Dual Exhaust

Key Features

  • Keeps Engine Cool Under Pressure
  • Aggressive Racecar Look and Tone
  • Added Durability Against Rusting

For those who want to make their Silverado or Sierra stand out from the rest, Rough Country Dual Exhaust System is perfect.

This stainless-steel system will not only add some bling but also give your engine room more power while keeping it cool under pressure and protecting against exhaust pollution with its ceramic coating.

This Steadfast Exhaust System for GMC Sierra fits all cars and trucks because they have a MAF sensor which means no cutting wires and hassle-free operation.

Do you want to sound like the bad boy of your tribe? Well, then this exhaust is perfect for making a statement and giving off an aggressive tone that will have everyone turning their heads.

The dual tips of this exhaust system have added durability against rusting in wet conditions or under snowfall.

Get this Exhaust for your 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra 1500 to get that aggressive, racecar look without sacrificing power or sound.

This exhaust system is made in China and designed to fit specific vehicles. It has an estimated weight of 29 kilograms, including packaging materials like ropes or pipes that are required for installation purposes only.

It comes in a sleek black finish as well so it will fit right into any design. This product was developed to give you what could be best suited just about anyone’s needs.

However, this exhaust system is made of low-quality stainless material. It has a cheesy sound and doesn’t last very long.


  • Additional Products for Easy Installation
  • Ceramic Coating for Protection Against Exhaust Pollution
  • Sleek Black Finish with Added Durability


  • Made of low-quality stainless material

Buying Guide For Best Exhaust for GMC Sierra

Let’s look at the features you must look for while buying a GMC Sierra Exhaust System:


The exhaust system is part of your truck’s engine and plays an important role in increasing its longevity. It is essential to buy something that lasts long without breaking down within a few months or a year.

Make sure that the exhaust system has a sturdy construction and doesn’t rattle too much even at high speeds.


The sound emitted by an Exhaust System is not annoying for other people if it is within reasonable limits. Keep in mind that your automotive store has both Catback and Axleback exhaust systems.

The former is best suited for a completely stock vehicle, while the latter is suitable for vehicles that have been slightly modified from factory settings. In general, manufacturers try to keep the noise levels within reasonable limits and make it barely noticeable.


Before going out to buy an Exhaust System for your GMC Sierra, you must know whether the system is right for your performance requirements.

There are several types of exhaust systems available in the market that caters to different vehicle speeds and engine revolutions.

You must also check with your dealer about any warranty that comes with the product so that you can exchange it if needed.


Anyone who is looking for the best exhaust system for GMC Sierra doesn’t care much about how it looks.

However, if you are planning to give your truck a complete makeover and want every part of it to shine, then you must opt for an Exhaust System that has chrome-plated tips. This will add to the appearance of your truck and give it a new look altogether.


Every part of a vehicle requires maintenance from time to time, and the same also applies to an Exhaust System.

Most importantly, you must check with your dealer about how often you need to have your Exhaust System cleaned or serviced.

To get the best results from your GMC Sierra Exhaust System, regular cleaning and maintenance is a must.


There are several add-ons available in the market that you can buy with an Exhaust System so that the performance of your truck gets a boost.

You must research these items and find whether they will fit straight into your car without any modifications.

The Advantage of buying a custom-made exhaust system is that they are designed for your vehicle. This ensures better performance and less noise.

Installation Time

Some Exhaust Systems are difficult to install while others are easy. This feature varies from one system to another, so make sure you check it before making a purchase.

If the retailer offers same-day installation along with your purchase, this means that the system must be simple to fit in.


It is important to set a budget before going out to buy an exhaust system, whether it’s custom-fit or just a simple bolt-on kit. You should have at least a rough idea about the amount of money that you are willing to shell out.

This will help the retailer or automotive store that you visit to select a suitable system for your truck.

The best thing would be to go through customer reviews of several systems available online, which will give you an idea of the varying prices of different brands.

After narrowing down on some products, check with your retailer about the prices of those items, so that you can have a better idea of what exactly are you paying for.


Last but not the least; you should always check with your retailer about warranty information before buying an exhaust system for GMC Sierra.

Most of them provide a limited warranty on all their products so that you can exchange them if needed.


Q. What is the best exhaust system for my GMC Sierra?

The best exhaust system for your GMC Sierra depends entirely on what you want and need from an aftermarket exhaust.

Your style of driving, as well as your budget and the features available from different manufacturers, will determine what’s right for you.

Q. What kind of power gain will I see after I install a performance exhaust?

How much of an increase in horsepower and torque you’ll see once you install your new GMC Sierra performance exhaust depends on many factors, such as the ambient temperature and the level of octane fuel that is used.

However, there will always be power gains provided by any aftermarket performance exhaust system.

Q: How do I install my new GMC Sierra performance exhaust?

If you are confident in your abilities, installing an aftermarket performance exhaust system on your truck will be a relatively straightforward process.

The guide is provided by the manufacturers so you must get the guide or the operation manual while purchasing the product.

Q: Can I install my new performance exhaust without replacing my stock catalytic converter?

Yes, some aftermarket systems are designed to replace the factory catalyst with a high-flow catalyst. If this is the case, you can simply replace your factory exhaust manifolds with high-flow units.

However, if your new performance exhaust doesn’t have a high-flow catalyst, then you’ll have to install an aftermarket catalytic converter.


There are several great alternatives when it comes to exhaust systems for cars or trucks, and all the above-mentioned exhaust systems are the Best Exhaust System for GMC Sierra but if you had to pick one, I would highly recommend the BORLA 140572 Exhaust System.

The first thing you’ll notice when installing this exhaust system is how easy it was to do. The deep tone and powerful rumble sound will make your automobile stand out in any crowd while giving off great fuel efficiency with 112 cube cuts per minute.

Plus, you’ll love how sleek lines make this design look great on any vehicle out there. This exhaust system will give your car a mean look, gas proficiency in city driving (5-8 mpg), great for highway cruising at around 9-13mpg.

As a second choice, I would recommend the readers consider the MagnaFlow Exhaust System 15267.

This exhaust system will give your vehicle a V8 rumble and increase its horsepower. It has 2 muffler options, one that’s proven on the dyno-tested power curve to provide deep rumblings and another with corrosion resistance technology for those who plan on doing some dirt road racing in their future.

This product is made of corrosion resistance technology which will not rust or wear out easily over time unlike other competitors on the market today.

I’m so excited to read your thoughts on this article because I can’t wait. Please jump into the conversation in a few seconds and tell me what you think of the Best Exhaust System for GMC Sierra.

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