Top 7 Best Cam for Chevrolet Stock 454

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A 454 is a big block engine with four hundred and fifty-four cubic inches and the camshaft is one of the most important factors in how well an engine will perform.

The Best Cam for Stock 454 is a drive shaft that controls the opening and closing of your engine valves. It works to open and close exhaust valves as the piston comes up and down while opening intake valves as the piston come up and closing them as it goes down.

A low-quality camshaft results in poor performance, even though other components may be high quality, so it is necessary to use a high-quality cam.

The purpose of the camshaft is to increase power output by increasing valve lift and improving both torque and horsepower at higher RPMs.

The camshaft allows for an increase in horsepower and quality. Also, the engine revolutions are increased by 3500 RPM which improves vehicle performance without sacrificing longevity.

Best Cam for Stock 454 – Our Top Picks

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Based on our comprehensive research and review we have finalized our top 7 picks whose detailed descriptions follows:

1. Comp Cams Camshaft

Comp Cams COMP Cams

Key Features

  • Deeper Valve Reliefs
  • Control Over Detonation
  • Smooth Operation at Higher RPMs

Comp Cams is one of the most trusted names in performance parts. This camshaft is for engines with capacities up to 5.7 liters and 6 cylinders that require deeper valve reliefs than needed by stock cams.

Want to make your engine scream with a wide-range camshaft? This high-performance street/strip carburetor can be applied in most cars and trucks that use gasoline.

It delivers up to 1,900 – 7,000 RPM of power when running on gas while also giving you control over detonation by being able to go from idle speeds up to 10 times more than stock maximum torque which will help keep things smooth at higher RPMs without stalling out due to low air-fuel mixture levels.

Using an improved cam design, this new product is built with the best of materials and provides higher performance than its competitors.

It has increased duration at 0.050″ valves by 100% along with a 113-degree lobe separation angle for a better exhaust torque curve while remaining below 0.624 so there are no worries about valvetrain failure or noise.

The safest preference for 6.0 and 6.2L LS engines is the LSR rectangular port grinds with a rectangle head, like Corvette Lansing cars have.

With this wider split between intake duration, which is longer than exhaust, it captures more airflow that can make your engine run better at higher RPM levels where power increases exponentially due to low wind resistance when compared against other types of heads such as variable-length fins (VLS) design found on many market vehicles.


  • Better Exhaust Torque
  • No Worries about Valvetrain Failure
  • Low Wind Resistance


  • Difficult installation process

2. Lunati Voodoo Cam

Lunati 10110703LK Voodoo

Key Features

  • High-Performance and Torque
  • Efficient Fuel Consumption
  • Greater RPM Potentials

This is a Voodoo hydraulic cam kit for the Chevrolet 9.3L Big Block V8. It has been designed to provide high-performance and torque, while with low equivalent timing at idle to improve fuel efficiency when used on a carburetor or modify your engine without one.

The new Lunati Cam delivers precise control of lash settings utilizing an electromagnetic solenoid valve, which results in greater RPM potentials out of this style setup.

It is the perfect addition to your engine bay. The kit comes with everything needed, and installation couldn’t be easier thanks in large part because it only requires the removal of one bolt from each head.

You probably won’t be dissatisfied with the energy and operation of this Cam shaft for Stock 454. The best camshaft for high-performance street engines is this all-aluminum, dual-plane consumption, and headers blend that makes energy to 6300 RPM with appropriate valve springs.

It features an 1800 -6200 RPM range operating at 227 degrees duration or 110-degree Lobe Separation angle. This strong racing engine needs custom tuning on EFI motors only.

This Cam and Lifter Kit includes a camshaft, a set of lifters that are designed to increase horsepower where it matters. It provides more than any other type as you’ll be able to achieve peak performance in your vehicle with this high-end product.

This series is a must for those looking to make their cargo from 0-60 in under three seconds with incredible power. The camshafts deliver more throttle response and quicker acceleration as well as maximum horsepower – all factors that contribute toward better efficiency for high-performance applications.


  • Easy Installation Process
  • Increase Horsepower
  • More Throttle Response


  • Only spring valve compatible

3. Edelbrock Performer Cam

Edelbrock 7162 Performer

Key Features

  • Greater Airflow
  • Improved Throttle Response and Torque
  • High Flow Fuel Injectors

Edelbrock’s 7162 Performer cam and lift kit is designed to work in harmony with your engine, providing optimal performance. The lightweight aluminum-bodied design is durably made for long-lasting use.

It provides tuning options on cars reliant upon an intake system or carburetor by allowing them more airflow while still maintaining factory warranty coverage from any damage caused due to modifications such as higher compression ratios.

This Perfect Cam for Stock 454 is designed to perfectly match up with the powerband of the popular product line. It features a higher lift and vacuum at lower RPMs, perfect for greater airflow while maintaining low-to-midrange torque output across all speeds within an engine’s operating range.

This new engine lift kit is intended to provide you with the finest operation potential. It’s been tested on dynamometers, so it offers improved throttle response and torque- which will make your car feel more responsive than ever before.

It contains a custom-tuned intake manifold, high flow fuel injectors from the factory calibration as well as an air filter with an included K&N drop-in filer set up so you can get back on track right away.

This cam kit is a great investment for your valves. It comes with the factory rocker arm ratio and will deliver you with exceptional potential and production.

The intake duration at 0.560-inch of lift adds 240 degrees while exhausts last 247 more importantly both durations stay within standard specifications, allowing to fit onto various components without any hassle or guesswork involved in installing this upgrade.


  • Optimal Performance
  • Long-Lasting Use
  • Vacuum at Lower Rpms


  • Exhaust period at 0.50″ Lift could be upgraded

4. COMP Hydraulic Flat Cam

COMP Cams K11-242-3 Xtreme

Key Features

  • Increase Horsepower by 10%
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Reduce Gas and Fumes Emissions

The COMP Cams K11-242-3 Xtreme Energy 224/230 Hydraulic Flat Cam Kit is a high lift cam that offers increased performance in some applications.

It can be used to increase horsepower by 10% on engines without an overdrive automatic transmission, but it’s best suited for use with one because of its lower stall speed which improves fuel economy while also reducing emissions from gas-guzzling cars like SUVs and trucks.

This cam is the perfect choice for your 396 -454 big block Chevy engine. This high flow hydraulic flat tappet cam is devised with COMP’s exclusive Flame-Resistant coating, which helps resist heat while staying cool during operation.

It is constructed for street machines, and slightly rough idle conditions. A stock converter will work but it’s best with a 1800+ stall motor to ensure proper duration at 0.05″.

This product operates in the 1600 – 5800 RPM scale which must be considered with high priority when selecting your engine size. 112-degree lobe separation angle makes this useful on all types of applications while the 110 degrees valve lift enables very little resistance while opening new power levels.

This Street Performance Carburetor Kit has got you covered for those who appreciate a little extra power. It offers improved response times and more area under the curve with quicker opening lobe profiles making it an excellent choice for street carved applications where responsiveness matters most.

The camshaft is the pre-eminent update for your classic car when it comes to performance. The increased duration can lead to 40% more power and assist with better brakes because this cylinder head has larger vent valves that let out steam before reaching your brake calipers.

This will be especially beneficial on newer cars equipped with aftermarket intake manifolds or headers which are less restrictive than stock equipment – but even older models could see big gains if they’re modified correctly too.


  • Flame-Resistant Coating
  • Improved Response Times
  • Larger Vent Valves


  • Intake/Exhaust span could be improved

5. Elgin Camshaft

Elgin E-1840-P Camshaft

Key Features

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Smooth Gear Interchange
  • Excellent Valve Clearance

The Elgin E-1840-P camshaft is designed for high performance and will provide the best results in powerful engines. This means that your car engine can run at its peak while giving you a safe ride on any road with these precision-engineered parts installed.

It is a Highly Recommended Cam for Stock 454 offering an added level of power for your engine. This helps with higher RPMs and increased torque at lower speeds compared to standard cams in fuel efficiency and racier driving characteristics.

What do you mean by ‘performance’? It all boils down to how efficiently each lobe can open on respective valves while still providing ample lift without causing any excess windup or stress on other parts like valvetrain components or intake manifold surfaces; these features will make gears turn smoother across the board.

One of the most popular camshafts for high-horsepower engines, it has a very wide range of valve lifts. It’s available in both 0.585/0.586-inch thicknesses which provide excellent valve clearance while also being light enough, so it won’t cause excessive wear or noise on your engine when installed properly by an expert mechanic.

The performance continues with advertised duration at low speeds (283/286 inches) increasing to over 290 during higher RPM conditions where more power is needed downrange resulting from shorter dwell times.

This is a high-performing camshaft that has been designed for those who want to extract as much power from their engine. With its aftermarket quality, this part will help lead your vehicle into the future.


  • Best Results in Powerful Engines
  • Peak Engine Operation
  • Higher RPMs at Lower Speeds


  • Doesn’t pair well with stock valve springs

6. YRANZO Hydraulic Roller Camshaft

YRANZo E-1840

Key Features

  • Sounds great
  • Makes good power
  • High-pressure valve spring

The YRANZO Hydraulic Roller Camshaft is a high-performance replacement camshaft for Chevrolet stock 454 engines. It is a mid-range cam that can produce high torque and maximum horsepower in the same engine.

We were impressed by its high-performance camshaft designed by YRANZO specifically for the 1997-2007 Chevy GM LS V8 engines without AFM (Active Fuel Management) or other active fuel management systems.

This camshaft is built with a hydraulic roller design that will offer plenty of mid-range torque and high-rpm power up to 3,000-4,000 RPM, so you can enjoy your favorite sports activities with ease. It will also provide excellent gas mileage when used with a good fuel injection system.

It also has a very high operating power range and can produce power from 2,200 RPM to 5,400 RPM, so it will provide plenty of power to get you through any high-rpm driving situations.

Also, it comes with a seat pressure of 120# closed and 300# open which helps in getting the camshaft into the correct position.

After testing this camshaft in our performance testing, we found it to be a very good replacement camshaft for Chevrolet stock 454 engines. It produces excellent power and is extremely durable.

We found it to be very reliable and we were able to run it for a long time without any problems. We also tested it in a wide range of temperatures and it performed well.

Overall, we found it to be a very good camshaft for the Chevrolet stock 454 engine.


  • High-quality camshaft
  • Produces excellent power
  • Durable
  • Reliable


  • Not excellent for Towing

7. JAMSI Chevy Cam Camshaft & Lifters Kit

Chevy BBC 427

Key Features

  • Fair Idle With Some Lope
  • Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters
  • Manganese Phosphate Coated

The Jamsi Chevy Cam Camshaft & Lifters Kit is a great kit for your Chevy 454 engine. It will provide you with a great camshaft and lifters that will deliver a lot of power.

This camshaft has the ability to provide the maximum amount of flow possible with the valve timing on your Chevy engine.

As for its performance, this camshaft is made up of a stage 3 hydraulic flat tappet camshaft that will offer a strong low-end torque for better acceleration and an excellent idle which makes it compatible with all chain-driven Chevy engines.

The only thing you need to know before you purchase this product is that these lifters and cams will fit every 1967-1995 CHEVROLET Big Block V8 engine.

This camshaft has been specifically designed for the big block Chevy V8 engines like the 396, 402, 427, 454 C.I., and the 366. It also comes with a fair idle and some lope which allows you to enjoy your ride smoothly.

Also, the cam and lifters are coated with Manganese Phosphate, a very effective coating that will protect the lifters and cams from rust and corrosion.

Moreover, the lifters and camshaft are also induction hardened which is an effective process that makes the parts last longer and will provide you with a lifetime of reliable performance.

Additionally, this camshaft is flame-hardened castings which help in improving wear resistance and strength.

All in all, the camshaft is made up of a billet aluminium intake and exhaust valvetrain that will offer you a good low-end torque and pulling power.

It has been tested and proven on different Chevrolet Camaro engines. The results are nothing short of impressive. So if you’re looking to improve your Chevy’s performance, then you definitely need to get the Jamsi Chevy Cam Camshaft & Lifters Kit.

Overall, this is a great product that will improve the performance of your Chevy engine. It will offer you a great camshaft and lifters that will make your engine sound and perform better.


  • Great performance
  • Improves pulling power
  • Rust and corrosion free
  • Useable with chain-driven engines


  • It can only be supported with 1967-1995

Buying Guide for Best Cam for Stock 454

Cam shaft for Chevrolet Stock 454

When you are looking to buy a cam for your stock 454, there are certain features which you should look for. Some of these include:

Compression height

The gap between the center of the wrist pin and the crown of the piston is called compression height. Taller is better because it gives room for more aggressive lobes, less piston rock, and more strength.

Nevertheless, there are additional attributes to consider as well. Sometimes you must choose between a longer cam that may not fit into the engine or one that is shorter but will require grinding down of the block’s deck surface or the use of very expensive valvetrain parts just to be able to run it.

Lobe Separation Angle 

Also called cam timing, this is the angular degrees between the intake and exhaust lobe centers of a camshaft. This is an important specification because it determines when your cylinders fire during the cycle of operation.

The more overlap you have, the sooner they will fire, decreasing low-end torque and overall performance. If you have too much overlap, your engine will sound like crap; it’s as simple as that.


This spec is measured in degrees of crankshaft rotation and is the total amount of time a piston spends on the intake stroke and exhaust stroke respectively.

More duration at the top allows more time for the intake charge to get in and out of the cylinder while giving the valves more opportunity to open and close. More duration at the bottom increases low-end torque but produces less peak horsepower.

Lifter Type  

Basic types are flat tappets or roller rockers. A flat tappet design uses the surface of the cam lobe and lifter to create action while a roller rocker uses small cylindrical rollers.

Roller cams generally have a longer lifter and pushrod life than their flat counterparts and produce less friction and wear on moving parts because of reduced rubbing.

However, if you’re looking for something cheap, get a flat tappet cam. If you have the money to spend on it, go roller since they are better in every way.

RPM Range 

High-performance cams are often built to work within certain engine speed specifications. High-performance parts must be compatible with your expectations for them so make sure that your potential cam will work with your expectations.

Valvetrain Type

Basic types are flat tappet, roller rockers, and hydraulic. I went over these types at the beginning of this article so refer to that if you need more info.


The amount of degrees overlap can be found by subtracting intake duration from exhaust duration or vice versa depending on which spec is given for your cam.

High overlap (around 40 degrees) will increase low-end torque and make the engine sound like crap; too little (20 degrees or less) and you won’t be able to get enough air in and out of the cylinders to make power.

There is an ideal amount for every combo so read around but as a rule of thumb, look for a spec of 30+ degrees.

Valve Lift 

The number given is the maximum lift that the cam will see for both intake and exhaust valves while still allowing them to close.

One thing to remember is that this maximum lift is only seen when the cam is operating at its ‘rated’ RPM so if you’re engine will see higher RPMs, your cam could likely see more lift.

Camshaft Lobe Separation Angle 

This angle tells us about the maximum distance between the intake and exhaust lobes. A wider angle creates more power at lower RPM but can cause poor idle quality, vacuum issues, and even engine damage when used in conjunction with the wrong components.

Wider lobe angles tend to create more torque than N/A applications so if you’re looking for a good low-end grunt, look for a cam spec for lower lobe separation angle. Anything above 110 degrees is ideal for most street/strip combos with 120+ preferred by some.

Rocker Arm Ratio 

The number of rocker arms that the cam will see compared to the length of its duration. A 2:1 ratio means that it will see 1 rocker arm for every crankshaft degree while a ratio of about 1:1.6 will give you 1 rocker arm for every 2.5 crankshaft degrees of duration (this specific rocker ratio is known as a ‘compound’ ratio).

This spec has little to do with performance, but it does tell us which rocker arms are available and how much lift can be obtained with them. You’ll want to make sure that the rockers you choose are high enough to accommodate your chosen cam’s lift.



There are various excellent choices with regards to best cam and lift kits, and all the aforementioned cams are the Best Cam for Stock 454 but if you had to make a decision, I would very well vouch for the Lunati Voodoo Cam.

With this best cam for chevy Stock 454, you’ll be able to increase horsepower and torque by optimizing your engine’s performance. It is also efficient in fuel consumption, which means that it will improve mileage and reduce costs.

The installation process of this device couldn’t get any easier – all drivers need are basic hand tools like wrenches or screwdrivers. Plus, its great looks give off an air-cooled European vibe, so it feels right at home on your new Camaro SSRS kit.

As an alternative, I would suggest the reviewers take into consideration the Elgin Camshaft.

This cam kit provides peak engine operation, where you can get your highest RPMs at lower speeds; higher RPMs in low-power situations like idling or when slowing down.

It also lessens fuel utilization by up to 5%. Plus, it’s compact so installation might be easier than other cams.

Also, no valves are sticking out which provides excellent clearance throughout any range of crankshaft rotation – even fully extended with big tires on an off-road vehicle (or during normal driving conditions).

I’m so eager to read your opinions on this article. Please provide your feedback and tell me what you think of the guide. If you liked it, then give it a thumbs up.

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