Top 7 Best Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 2500

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Brake pads are integral parts of braking systems on vehicles. They provide the necessary friction between the brake rotor and wheel, thus providing cooling as well as slowing down or stopping the vehicle.

The Best Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 2500 work in tandem with the wheel cylinder to stop cars by converting kinetic energy into heat through this frictional force.

Modern brakes are made from advanced synthetic composites and ceramics, along with other materials. The braking pads are used to make a vehicle stop or slow down without having to use the friction of its engine.

The drum brake is where the brake pads push against a metal drum that turns with the wheel. They are cheap but heat up more than disc brakes, which reduces efficiency.

The purpose of Best Brake Pads is to reduce the possibility of accidents by slowing your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

When the brake pads are worn down, there is less stopping power which causes longer braking distance and makes driving at high speed dangerous. Therefore, it is important to keep the brake pads in good condition.

Best Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 2500 – Our Top 7 Picks

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The Brake Pads enhance road safety by offering safer braking systems that allow shorter stopping distances. Therefore, if you are looking to improve your braking system for your Dodge Ram 2500, then the best brake pads will be a great option for you.

Based upon our extensive research and review, we have finalized our top 7 picks whose description is provided below:

1. Hawk Performance Brake Pad

Hawk Performance HB299P.650 SuperDuty Brake Pad

Key Features

  • Excellent Stopping Power
  • Lifetime Warranty against Rusting
  • High Coefficient of Friction

The Hawk Performance line of high-quality disc brake pads is a great choice for any avid mountain biker or road racer.

This performance-rated brake system offers excellent stopping power and has been specially designed with your safety in mind.

It is made of high-quality material that maintains its firmness under pressure so you can stop quickly on any surface, even if it rains or snows making it the Best Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 2500.

It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty against rusting as well as providing a greater distance between wear points than other pads on the market today.

This Super Duty Brake Pad is made for extreme braking. It’s a tough truck pad that will get you where you need to go with your toughest loads in the most efficient manner possible.

The severe-duty compound will provide acute and long stopping power when needed most on your routes. It provides an extremely high coefficient of friction, which means you’ll stop quickly without skidding or rolling your wheels.

Plus, it has fade resistance to keep things under control in any situation with more than enough stopping power on bumpy roads too.

Brake pads are a must for every driver as these will help you maintain control and avoid an accident with excessive payloads, such as pieces of furniture or other loose items in the backseat that could make things tough when stopping suddenly on slippery roads.

This brake pad is recommended for those drivers who have an extremely heavy car and need to cover rough terrains on daily basis.


  • Fade Resistance
  • Firm under Pressure
  • Avoid Accidents by Maintaining Control


  • Time taking installation

2. Premium OE 8 Lug Brake Pad

CRK11758 FRONT 317

Key Features

  • Excellent Friction
  • Made of Rust-Free Material
  • More Stopping Power than Ceramic Pads

This Premium OE 8 Lug Brake Pad from CRK will make your car stop in a hurry or an emergency. This rotor comes with four sets of metallic pads that provide excellent friction to reduce the chance of any unforeseen accidents, giving you peace of mind when driving around town or on long trips.

The premium front disc brake pad for your car is made from durable materials that will last long enough so you can stop worrying about when it will need replacement again.

This metallic brake pad has a superior design that ensures proper fit and confident braking. It also offers more stopping power than ceramic pads without the need for a break-in period.

It is designed to improve your car’s stopping power by having an original stylish design. It has an innovative cooling system which is a great way for you to get your car’s original performance back.

This brake pad is constructed to keep you safe and reduce shaking. The enhanced material distributes heat more efficiently, so it’s easier on your vehicle as well.

Enhanced Stopping Power is the best way to stop your vehicle without worrying about getting a ticket. This brake pad kit lasts longer than other kits on the market, and it even has an extra 12-month warranty just in case anything unfortunate happens.

If you want to put an end to your brake pad worries, get this fully assembled metallic version. It’s ready for installation and won’t rust like other alternatives and substitutes that require maintenance after some tough time.


  • Innovative Cooling System
  • Reduce Shaking on Rough Terrain
  • 12 Months Warranty


  • Noisy operation

3. EBC Track Brake Pad

EBC Brakes DP41650R

Key Features

  • Consistent Stopping Power
  • Made of High-Performance Friction Material
  • Improved Pedal Response Time

Your race car deserves the best, which is why EBC Brakes has engineered their DP41650R yellow stuff street and track brake pad to give you a predictably consistent stopping power no matter how much abuse your vehicle takes.

The new EBC Track Brake Pad is the perfect match for racers looking to upgrade their vehicle or weekend warriors who are on track all year round.

This high-performance friction material offers increased stopping power in both wet conditions due to its optimized water dispersion rate of 0.35mm at 100% relative humidity – while still providing excellent dust control.

The zero-fade racing formula was created with serious racers in mind who need performance on demand without compromising their safety even under extreme duress because this superior quality brake pad has been designed specifically not only to prevent fading but also to improve pedal response time.

Its exclusive three-dimensional cells better absorb energy while dissipating it away gradually over longer periods compared to standard products so there’s less risk involved if any accident occurs.

This Reliable Brake Pad is effective right from cold and can be used on street or racetracks. This means it will work for your car no matter what kind of driving you do, whether it’s a sports-utility vehicle (SUV) with all four wheels rolling freely or an ATV that goes off-road occasionally to explore new territory near streams.

This brake pad has been specifically designed for track use. Made from high-quality resin, it provides superior stopping power on any surface while being both durable and long-lasting.


  • Designed for Track Use
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Excellent Dust Control


  • Does not fit all vehicles

4. Power Stop Brake Pad

Power Stop Z36-965

Key Features

  • Superior Stopping Power
  • Durable Friction Material
  • Firm Grasp of Control

The Power Stop Z36-965 Front Truck and Tow Brake Pad set are perfect for your vehicle. This high-performance friction material provides superior stopping power so you can stop quickly, when necessary, without worrying about slides or skids.

The durable friction material on this front brake kit will stop any vehicle in its tracks while giving you a firm grasp of control.

Braking is essential to safe driving, and this brake pad will offer extreme halting power. This heavy-duty but smooth braking system is designed specifically for trucks or 4x4s without surrendering everyday drivability.

Stop on a dime with this low dust brake pad designed to maximize power and keep wheels clean, so you can stop your vehicle in any condition without worrying about leaving behind dirty residue.

This brake pad is made of the highest quality materials and has a noise-free design. It also works better than most pads on the market because it features premium stainless-steel shims that improve heat dissipation, making your ride safer on bumpy roads.

It is made with the latest technology to provide valued customers with longer-lasting quality and is powder-coated for rust resistance and corrosion protection.

It is made with a strong, durable material that will keep your car looking good for years to come. This brake pad provides an easy way to get your car up and running again after a mishap, with its thermal scorched surface that allows hot brakes without any need of waiting or risking further damage.


  • Keep Wheels Clean
  • Noise-Free Design
  • Stainless Steel Shims


  • No lubricant provided

5. Wagner ThermoQuiet Brake Pad

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC965

Key Features

  • Reduces Squealing When Applying Brakes
  • Lessen Noise Levels
  • Lower Wear on Axles Or Hubs

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC965 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set is the best upgrade for your vehicle, bringing it to an even higher level.

It is made with patented high-quality materials that are designed under strict quality control standards to provide you optimum performance every time.

This brake pad set offers superior tracking ability and thereby reduces squealing during braking while also ensuring safety by reducing noise levels caused due friction heat generation which can lead to compromising traffic conditions.

It reduces the need to clean your rotors, which is good for those who have a hard time cleaning their vehicle’s front wheel. This longer-lasting pad reduces wear on components such as axles or hubs.

Friction materials, backing plates, and insulators are integrated into this brake pad for selecting applications which results in a more consistent experience across different vehicles.

The IMI technology integrated decreases costs while increasing performance making it a Trustworthy Brake Pad for Dodge Ram 2500.

Applying your brakes can help you avoid an accident with another automobile or vehicle. All drivers need them to slow down when they’re driving at high speeds on busy thoroughfares like highways and city streets.

The right kind of brake pad is important because if there’s too much material then it will wear down quickly over time which makes applying pressure difficult, thus you must consider this as it is quite reliable.

It is the perfect choice for your car/truck because it provides quiet performance, superior stopping power, and enhanced durability at an affordable cost.


  • Superior Stopping Power
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Affordable Cost


  • Tend to produce a lot of dust

6. Bosch BC1399 Brake Pads

Bosch BC1399

Key Features

  • Copper-free
  • Ceramic and semi-metallic
  • Hardware included

These are one of the best brake pads we’ve ever tested. They have very good grabbers, and they also have an extremely high coefficient of friction, this allows you to stop the car with very little force.

The Bosch pads also include all necessary hardware for a complete installation, all you need to do is remove your existing brake pads and install these new ones.

They also have a multi-layer shim that is soft, pliable, and very effective at reducing brake dust. In fact, these shims literally trap the dust between them and the brake pad, which greatly reduces the amount of dust that ends up on and in your brake drum. This means cleaner, healthier brakes.

After testing these Bosch pads we found they will last twice as long as the average brake pad, and they also have enough “give” to them so they will not cause your wheel to lock up while braking.

We have used these Bosch pads on Dodge Ram 2500, and we have used them on the test vehicles we use for road testing. We have even used them on the track, and they stop the car right where we want it to be stopped.

Advanced Aerospace technology Reduces brake dust and creates a longer-lasting, more consistent stopping power. These pads are designed to work in tandem with your vehicle’s existing brake system.

They also feature an exclusive multi-layer shim that is soft, pliable, and very effective at reducing brake dust. In fact, these shims literally trap the dust between them and the brake pad, which greatly reduces the amount of dust that ends up on and in your brake drum. This means cleaner, healthier brakes.

All in all, these are one of the most reliable brake pads you can get for your Dodge Ram 2500.


  • Multi-layer design
  • Exclusive anti-dust shim
  • Longer pad life
  • Excellent grabbers


  • May Not Be Suitable For All Vehicles

7. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC702A Disc Brake Pad

Wagner ThermoQuiet

Key Features

  • Superior formulation design
  • Reduced rotor wear
  • IMI technology integrates friction material

The ThermoQuiet Disc Brake Pad from Wagner is a must-have if you drive a vehicle and want to ensure that your brakes are working at their best. The Disc Brake Pad provides superior brake pad material and an enhanced rotor-wear resistance formula to keep you out of trouble on the road.

To demonstrate just how well this brake pad performs, we took it for a spin on our test track, and you’ll see how much better it performs compared to the other pads.

We love that the Wagner ThermoQuiet QC702A Brake Pad features a unique “IMI” friction material technology, which integrates friction material into the base plate of the pad. This results in a better, longer-lasting brake pad that will not cause damage to your brake rotors.

Consequently, the brake pads will reduce brake dust and noise, resulting in cleaner braking and a more enjoyable ride on the road.

The pads are manufactured using premium materials and include copper-free hardware, and the pads are also coated with a special corrosion-resistant coating to prevent your vehicle from rusting

Wagner has included premium stainless steel hardware to help you get the best performance out of your brakes, and you won’t have to replace your brake pads and rotors as often.

It felt soft and easy to use after we tested it on our dodge ram 2500. It did not slide out of place and did not slide out of place while driving.

Overall, this pad is an excellent addition to any vehicle and will help you keep your brakes working at their best for many years to come. This is one of the best brake pads for the Dodge Ram 2500. The Disc Brake Pad is sure to last you longer than other brake pads.


  • Easy Installation
  • Longer Life
  • Absorb noise
  • Applicable in most kinds of vehicles


  • None

Choosing Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 2500 – Buying Guide

How to ChooseBrake Pads for Dodge Ram 2500

So, mentioned below are some of the best features in case if you are planning to buy the brake pads for Dodge Ram:


Look at the wear indicator before you decide to buy brake pads for your Dodge Ram 2500. The wear indicator is a thin piece of metal that gets pressed out when the brakes get hot.

 If this piece of metal sticks up, it means that the pad needs replacing. If the car has ABS (Antilock Braking System), it is a must that you do not replace the metal piece with something else.

Another very important aspect while buying brake pads for Dodge Ram 2500 is whether the new pack of brake pads will fit in your car or not.

Some people buy very expensive brakes that do not even fit their car and then spend more money to get it installed at a professional garage. So, my advice is, do not buy online brake pads for Dodge Ram 2500 without checking the compatibility.


Since you are paying good money for your new brake pads, they should last long. Some brake pads come with warranties of up to 30,000 miles or more.

That means you can easily use them for a yearly change instead of every six months. Though it does not guarantee that the brake pads will last long, at least your money won’t go to waste if they get too old before their time is up.

Value for Money

If you have decided to buy new brake pads, then I would suggest going for one which gives you maximum value for the money.

This means paying a little extra to get an extended warranty or better-quality pads, both of which can be quite expensive, but ultimately would save your money in the long run.

So, think before you buy brake pads for Dodge Ram 2500 and get the best possible deal that fits into your budget.

Quality of the Pads

Don’t go for brake pads just because they look good and seem to give you great value. Look for quality as well, even if it means going a little overboard on the pricing. Brake pads come in various materials, from organic to semi-metallic.

The best choice is either ceramic or metal, both of which are durable and give you great service. Avoid organic brake pads, as they wear out quickly and don’t give you good stopping power in the long run.


Finally, think about how much money you will be spending on your new brake pads for Dodge Ram 2500.

It is a known fact that ceramic brake pads cost more than semi-metallic ones and they both give you better-stopping power and last longer. So, it is up to you to decide which one would fit your budget and need the most.


Ceramic brake pads are an ideal choice as they offer great stopping power and do not wear out soon. However, they are quite expensive. The semi-metallic pads are cheaper than their ceramic counterparts but still durable.

They also give you good braking power and you get value for the money. So, it is entirely upon you to decide what material of brake pads you want on your Dodge Ram 2500 and how much you can pay for them.

The choice of the brake pads depends almost entirely on the type of drive that a person does, whether he or she uses his/her car mostly for city driving or long drives.

Help and Support

Most people make mistakes while buying parts for their cars and end up wasting a lot of money in the process. To avoid such scenarios, make sure you check out customer reviews before buying brake pads for Dodge Ram 2500.

If you buy online, make sure there is a 24-hour helpline number you can call if you face any problem while installing the brake pads.

Recycled parts can be a very good option for people on a budget. While they may miss out on some of the safety features, they cost much less than new brake pads.

Pad Performance

Some brake pads use a metal shim to stop the car while others do not. This metal component reduces your car’s braking performance and increases the noise.

It is better to go with ceramic brake pads because they do not produce so much sound and maintain their stopping power longer than the ordinary ones.


The brake pads of your Dodge Ram 2500 should not be very noisy. If they are too loud, then you must change them as soon as possible because no one likes a noisy car.

If they are making a lot of noise, it means that the material is wearing down and there is a chance for it to harm other components which make your braking system work.

With these tips in mind, you can buy brake pads for Dodge Ram 2500 with confidence knowing that you are buying some of the best products available on the market.



There are numerous excellent options when it comes to the best brake pads, and all the above-mentioned pads are the Best Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 2500 but if you had to make a choice, I would very well suggest the Hawk Performance Brake Pad.

Stop dragging your feet and get the brakes working for you. When it comes to stopping power, this pad has a lot of pulling strength that will keep you safe from danger at all costs.

With its high friction coefficient as well as fade resistance over extended periods involving traffic conditions it manages not only to stop quickly but also avoid mishandling of vehicles.

It is a top-of-the-line product with numerous amazing features including a lifetime warranty against rusting, high friction levels that will keep your vehicle safe from accidents by maintaining control during emergencies.

As a second alternative, I would advise the readers consider the Wagner ThermoQuiet Brake Pad.

This brake pad ensures less noise when applying brakes and has enhanced durability to last longer and provide better stopping power.

It also reduces squealing, which means less wear on axles or hubs due to friction caused by braking action. The affordable cost makes this one of the best options out there if you’re looking for the great value in your auto parts purchase.

I’m so eager to read your opinions on this article because I can’t wait. Please jump into the comments section in a few seconds and tell me what you think of the Best Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 2500.

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